Monday, March 18, 2013

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Rufus Tours London

Now, who wouldn't want to tour around London with this cute pup?


I'm not asking you to enter the contest, 'cause ... well, if you enter, it lowers my chances. lol :P But hey, I'm a good sport. You just have to promise to bring me along. ;)

And for reals, I'm not getting any remuneration for this. I just thought it looked fun. :)


OK, I won't enter on one condition: if you DO win I want you to recreate this video starring you. Or one similar---who want's to get a haircut on vacation???

I never miss a chance to see London : )

Joy: Fair enough because if I win, I'm bringing you with me as my "official photographer." ;)

Joyce: It's a great place. :)

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