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Friday's Favorite Five

In honor of the beautiful sunny Friday that I have in front of me today, I will make a foray into my Friday Favorite Five. It's a meme hosted by Living to Tell the Story, where you list your favorite five things from the week. (You thought there was going to be some trick about it somewhere, didn't you?)
In no particular order ...

1. The first thing on my list, surprisingly enough, is the beautiful weather we have here in D.C. this Friday afternoon. After a semester of crazy weather, it is wonderful to be able to enjoy a lovely spring day.

2. Getting my car registration from Texas. Being a student, I knew that I didn't have to transfer my official residency to D.C. or to Tennessee, but I didn't know how Texas would feel about mailing my stuff out of state. I suppose it's not a big deal because they do it for military folks all the time. (When they go overseas, if their new station back in the States is in a different state from where their vehicle was registered, they can keep the original state if they so desire.) Anyway, Texas made it easy, and that makes my life much easier because I didn't have to get the aggravation, time, or expense of having to get my car registered in a new state and get the insurance transferred over and everything. Wheeee!

3. Getting a ministry placement for the summer. My original idea of working in the National Parks providing Summer worship services didn't work out. (Or at least I haven't heard from them yet.) But it may be for the best because the pastor that I spoke with seemed extremely excited about getting my services for the summer. It is very near where my mother lives, and there are a lot of bonuses involved with that. Perhaps, one of the biggest is that I'll be able to be with my mother on her birthday for the first time in over 10 years. Don't tell her yet, but I think we're going to have a party. :)

4. Getting connected with a number of my family and old friends on Facebook, including people who vowed that they would never be on Facebook. I don't know if I've ever said it here, but Facebook is NOT my favorite social networking platform. I love the creative freedom possible with blogs and message boards. Facebook is kind of bleh. But it cannot be denied that you can reconnect with old friends and family that may have gone the way of the four winds. The days of letter writing and keeping in regular contact with people has faded away. At least with Facebook there can be some "face time." You can see what the people that you care about are up to. People post their pictures and write blurbs about their lives. Would it be better to have some more direct contact with them via letter, e-mail, phone, or even text message? Yes, but it's not going to happen, and this is significantly better than nothing. :)

5. Only two weeks until the end of the semester! Woo! If you would have asked me the first week of September that I would live this long, I'm not sure that I could have given you a positive answer. (And that's positive vs. negative rather than positive vs. vague). Now, I'm at one year down, one year to go. If I think about it too much, it could get to be scary again. For now I want to concentrate on reaching a milestone. Yay! :)

That's all for now! Have a wonderful weekend!


Well it sounds to me like you are having thing goes right your way. It's been a year since school started? My how time flies when you are having fun. Well at least a year is almost over I should say. Good thing your mom doesn't read this blog LOL :)

Spike is slightly confused over the thought you would live this long. Hmmm I'm taking that as just a figure of speech. LOL Oh I know, I can be so literal. :)

Excellent FFF my friend. I hope you have a great weekend :) MWAH!!!

that's a fantastic five
I always think things happen for a reason so the summer placement will most likely be a wonderful experience

I'm so happy for you

That's funny. I was just talking to my sister on the phone about how much I detest Facebook! It is about the hardest, most ridiculous program to learn I have even seen. And all those stupid apps and programs that want me to approve them to take over my computer. NOT.

I am hoping your summe rplans to be near your mom go well. finally something specific to pray for! I will be asking for blessings on your summer employment and learning opportunities.

Spike: Well, I don't think I could really manage throwing my mom a surprise party in her own house. LOL Hopefully, she'll be able to stand being the center of attention and not getting everything ready. Mwah! xxoo

Dianne: I hope you're right. :)

Quilly: Facebook is a strange thing. And thank you for your prayers. :)

Those were great! I hated Facebook at first but now I love it. It's much easier to keep in touch with everyone--and so much quicker. The National Park ministry would have been neat but it will be nice to be close to your mother, too. :)

Lisa: I agree that Facebook has become convenient because so many people use it. I just wish a different product had been the winner of the marketing war.

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