Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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My First Video

Hello Friends!

I had to do a new thing this week. I had to create a video presentation for my biblical interpretation class on Isaiah 55. So naturally, like a small child, I have to share it with all my friends. (I've shared most of the images before, but hopefully this is in a new and interesting way.)

The assignment was a "Communication Event," and I would be interested what it communicates to you if anything. It certainly was a lot of fun to play with the program that was already on my computer but never used. But, I promise this will not become a regular feature. Though at least now I know how the kids are making all those Youtube videos. :)


Very nice. If you hadn't said you did it, I wouldn't have discounted it being a professional production.

Wow! That was incredible, Cherie! I can't believe that was your first effort. I would love to see more! I thought you conveyed joy and bounty very well. :) What program did you use? Really, as Quilly said, it could easily be mistaken for a professional production. Bravo!

Bravo Larisa!!! you sure you did this? hmmm and this is your first one? Well done Spike is SOOOO impressed :) That was excellent. And what I got out of it was to thankful for the earth and all her splendors and what she provides us. :) You never cease to amaze me. :) MWAH!!!

Quilly, Lisa, Spike: I'm glad you liked it. :) And I can assure you that it was the first one, except for a test I ran over the weekend to see how the program worked. I hope that the professor agreed with your assessments. lol

Lisa: I used Windows Movie Maker that came with my computer. I really never had occasion to use it before.

the music and images are beautiful and it is so put together
as the others said, it looks professional

I love how the images flashed faster and the music built up, I always love that stuff

well done

Have you heard back from the Professor yet Larisa? A+ if you ask me :) Thanks for letting me know about that windows movie maker. I have that also but have NEVER used it :)

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