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Was Your Thanksgiving Happy

I've decided on another Two on Tuesday. :)  To be honest, I didn't give a thought about it last week.  I was with my mother in Tennessee, and we were having a good time.  I think on Tuesday we went to see Harry Potter, but more about that another time.

I did have a happy Thanksgiving this year.  It's been a struggle to have a happy Thanksgiving since my dad died several years ago.  For many years, we celebrated with just the two of us.  It's not that I miss him so especially on that day.  It's not having a place to go or be that I didn't feel like I was a burden or someone's "good deed" for the day.  The truth is that I have some great friends that made a point to invite me to their celebration and feel included.  And perhaps it was ungrateful of me, but I never felt comfortable.  I always felt like an intruder or interloper with the full knowledge that it was the opposite of what they wanted me to feel.

So the first thing was that I was grateful to be with family on Thanksgiving where I could be with family and not be the intruder.  The traditions and foods were familiar, and there was no pressure to be or act in any particular way.  A good time was had by all, and even the dog got a few turkey scraps (on the sly).

The second thing was being able to help out and contribute while I'm visiting my mother.  Even though Christmas decorating was not ever one of our Thanksgiving traditions, due to scheduling and travel plans, I was able to help pulling everything out of storage and getting the tree set up.  Now, she can decorate it at her leisure without stress or crisis.  It was great to feel appreciated rather than being a burden, and make no mistake, she was liberal with her expressions of thanks.

(I should mention that I do have a step-father that is rather handy around the house, so I was physically helping him.  Let me tell you, that tree was freaking heavy! lol)

Hope this beginning of the Advent season is going well for you.


Well Spike is glad you had a good Thanksgiving. And I'm glad that you are having an easier time with the passing of your father. I don't think it's something we ever get over, but it does get easier as the years go by. I speak from experience. I like how the dog got some food on the sly and that you helped with the Christmas Tree. Elf Larisa now :) LOL Ours was good. We bought the whole dinner at Safeway and heated it up and it was darn good I tell you. I spent most of the day putting up lights and doing the yard. Was fun and long. I could have used Elf Larisa's extra hands :) Hope all is well. xoxoxo

Spike: Sorry that it took me so long to respond. I don't know what my problem is. Well, really I do. I see something that I want to respond to, and I think that it requires thought, but I don't have the capacity at the moment, so I put it off ... Then I forget. (You see what I mean? lol) Glad that your dinner was good and that Safeway was able to treat you right. :D Mwah! xxoo

I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Amoeba and I like to stay home alone to avoid that "estra" feeling at someone else's table, but this year a bunch of "extras" gathered together in one home, and that was a lot of fun! Next time you can't be with your own family, try that, even if you have to do the inviting!

Quilly: That's a really great idea. That would have been good back in Texas too, but unfortunately after the first year, the precedent was kind of set. So, it would have been rude to refuse. But now, I'm a "free agent." lol

I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It can be an odd holiday some times.

It is always good to be needed, too.

My daughter and I saw the new HP movie and loved it.

Nessa: Everybody seems to be loving the new HP, but this one wasn't my favorite. However, I am looking forward to the conclusion.

We had a wonderful holiday.

We saw Harry Potter on consecutive Saturdays, the first time to see it and the second time to set it well in our minds. We thought it was well done, following the book quite well, and ending at the right spot to set up the rest of the events to finish out the series.

Travis: Everyone in my social circle who's seen the HP film also reads the books, and they all seem quite pleased. And I was prepared to leave the film somewhat "unsatisfied" knowing that it was part 1 of 2. I can see that it's preparing for quite exciting conclusion. :)

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