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The Cutest Little Face

I think that I've mentioned before that we have quite an international community here at my seminary.  By far the country with the greatest representation is Korea.  I often find myself explaining different idioms, usually because I just said it.  You should have see the looks that I got from "it drives me bananas."  It's become the running joke.

My friends have thanked me for my assistance many times.  One day, about a month ago I thought that I might be able to help more people if I started a blog.  Then, people who I don't see regularly (or their spouses or families) could become more familiar with our idioms too.  And that's how And Today's Idiom Is ... was born.

You might think that this is an advertisement for this other blog.  Not so, though if you want to check it out, you're more than welcome to do so. ;)  The reason that I'm telling you all this is because of the picture that I used today for Dog Tired
 Doesn't this little one have the cutest little face!  I want to pet him, but the computer screen keeps getting in the way!


OMG Larisa he is so cute. Love it. And I'm loving the other blog. Spike may just have to contribute to that blog when he does his idioms that he is just full of LOL :) Thanks for playing the 12 days :) MWAH!!! XOXOXOX

Spike: I just want to *squee* when I see that pink little tongue sticking out. And I certainly take requests. But keep in mind, I'm trying to keep the idioms "clean." I'm letting them go to the Urban Dictionary if they want the vulgar ones. ha-ha Mwah! xxoo

He is a cutie! I want to hug and cuddle him!

Cherie: He would be hard to resist. :)

LOL! I love the tongue sticking out!

And what a great idea to start a blog on idioms for ESL students! I have a book on the origins of idioms. It's fascinating to me how long a phrase stays in the language--even when it no longer makes sense.

For instance, "armed to the teeth," which is a "pirate phrase originating in Port Royal Jamaica in the 1600's. Having only single shot black powder weapons and cutlesses, they would carry many of these weapons at once to keep up the fight. In addition they carried a knife in their teeth for maximum arms capability." Who'd have thought? :)

Lisa: Now, I know who to ask when I can't find out the origin of the idiom. I like to do that when I explain their meaning because I think that it makes it easier to remember. Many times I'll come up with something that sounds reasonable, but really have to idea whether it's accurate -- but I try to be honest about whether it's my opinion or not. ;)

The "armed to the teeth" is great! I don't know if that one's on my list or not. (I have a very long list. It rival's Craig's ... never mind. lol) Though I've found that a LOT of idioms sound very violent. I've had to ration them. They already think that America's very violent. I don't need to work at encouraging that opinion. LOL

That's "... but really have no idea whether it's accurate." :)

Now that picture should be clear to describe dog tired. Plus it's cute!

Travis: Isn't it just though. :)

what a sweetie!!

Merry Christmas Lady
Hope sends hugs

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