Friday, February 25, 2011

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Friday's Musical Progression

I liked it so much last week that I had to do it again, especially once I got a theme going.  (As a matter of fact, I'm preparing this a week ahead.)  I don't know if Travis is planning to do it this way again, but I figure it will work either way.

This week, my theme is Mike Post.  He's a composer of tv theme songs.  If you were watching a big hit in the late 70s, early 80s, you could bet that Mike Post had written the theme song.  Sometimes I think that was 1/2 the reason I liked the show, the way that the music was worked into the soundtrack each week.

The first song was the inspiration for it all, as it came up randomly on my music player.  The theme from Hill Street Blues ...

Magnum PI ...

The Rockford Files ...

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The A Team ...

And, The White Shadow ...

And lest you think that Mike Post is gone from your sight.  You familiar with a little show called Law & Order?

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for these I really enjoyed them.Hill Street Blues was a fav of mine.I was so glad when I got my first vcr that I was able to record the show to watch since it was on when I was at work.

Woot! Hill Street and Cheers were 2 of my favorite piano pieces---waaaaay better to the hymns my piano teacher assigned. I mean, God is great, but you can't exactly wow your friends with 9 versions of "Hallelujah."

all shows I watched...excellent job Cherie..thanks for playing

Oh my goodness! I know all these theme songs by heart but the name Mike Post meant nothing to me! Thanks for helping me give credit where credit is due!

I watched all those shows and I liked all those songs, particularly the Hill Street Blues theme.

We'll do another official progressive theme, but you feel free to do it anytime you like.

Mike: Yeah, I think that Hill Street Blues was one of the first "realistic" police shows. It was great!

Joy: Of course, now I've got one of my Hallelujah songs running through my head. I didn't say it was a bad thing. lol

Bond: It was really my favorite time for tv.

Quilly: I don't know how I started realizing it was all the same guy, but it was very early. I couldn't tell you about any other composer of tv theme songs though. lol

Travis: Glad you liked. :)

Mike Post Rocks.he has done so may great themes for TV shows.

These themes are truly accomplished pieces. And they really set the tone for the whole show.

I love the theme from Hill Street Blues
it's haunting

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