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The Cherry Trees in Bloom

Hello!  I'm alive and well.  I have been working so hard on my thesis that I've only had chances to breeze through blog-land.  And even though it may seem that I have not been by all my favorite haunts, I can assure you that I have been keeping an eye on you with my telescope.

I have turned in my thesis, and I have been notified that I have, in fact, received an "A." Hallelujah!  I am thinking seriously of submitting it to publishers, but I've got bigger fish to fry at the moment.  Namely, graduating.  I really love how people around here seem to think that now that the thesis is finished, I suddenly have a bunch of free time. Ha!  I wish!  I'm taking a full course load this semester in addition to the thesis.

I have pretty kept up with everything, but these last 4 weeks of the semester are really going to be a killer. I have a feeling that writing my thesis is going to seem easy in comparison. lol

But that's not what I came here to talk to you about today ...
The Cherry trees are in bloom around the DC area, and really I'd like some new images on my blog.  (Though these pics are from last year.)  I've enjoyed seeing Magnum and the boys over the past several weeks, but I'm really looking for something new.  I checked out the blossoms this year, and they are beautiful.  I had to go yesterday because we were supposed to get snow last night.  I didn't know if it would ruin it.  Turns out we got a lot less than predicted, so they should be okay.

One thing that I did notice that they were pinker than last year.  Last year, they were almost white.  The trees that were pink were not cherry trees for the most part.  Many were Japanese Magnolias.

Here's a close-up of the cherry blossoms.  I've pinkened them up just a tad to give you the feeling of this year's show.
Have a great week!


Larisa I am so dang proud of you and am very happy for you. i cannot believe that these two years have come and almost gone already. i remember the posts from you getting ready to leave Texas. How time flies especially when you are working as hard to you. I do hope we get to see or read your thesis. Beautiful photos of the cherry blossoms. I would so love to see them in person. Keep up the good work. You are in the home stretch :) MWAH!!! xoxoxxo

Crap...I forgot...Congrats on the A :)

*cue dance music* Womp-womp-womp boom-dee-ay * She got an A-yay! Hip hip Hoo ra-ay! She makes us prow-owd! Yeah, sing it low-owd *Womp-womp-womp WOW!*

Congrats on the A! I am not at all surprised, and thanks so much for the pics. I am sure you remember spring in West TX mostly means wind. It's nice to remember it's something to look forward too. LOL

Spike: Thank you so much! You have been a great support to me through this process. You have no idea!

Joy: You're so silly ... And I love it. :)

Sandie: Oh, that lovely West Texas wind. How I miss it so. Not, when it blows my skirt up, you understand. Not when it causes my friends to have asthma attacks. But, when it causes beautiful sunsets, I love it. :)

First of all, congratulations! Well done on your thesis.

Secondly, that is lovely. We don't have blossoms here yet, so I'll admire DC's.

Congratulations on finishing your thesis and doing so well with it! That's a huge accomplishment.

Do try to enjoy the last few weeks as you head toward graduation. You've worked hard for it.

Stacy: Thanks! And believe it or not the blossoms are even more beautiful this year.

Travis: Thanks bud. I'll do my best to enjoy them, but I'm scared of sabotaging myself. And I do want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I did, in fact, miss the announcement. Mr. Tucker sure was a cute guy. :(

of course you did well!!
I knew you would
I always told you that :)

the blooms are lovely

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