Monday, October 7, 2013


Indeed and getting shared on FB!!

Mike: I'm seriously getting unamused about this. :(

I saw this on FB and couldn't decide if it made me laugh or made me sad

On a happier subject - they don't let parents/Nanas be in the room so that the children can learn and enjoy without coaching from the sidelines. Amazing how many parents interfere.

Dianne: Yeah, there is no larger conspiracy. The Evil Geniuses would never let it get to this point. The said truth is that the dudes & dudesses in DC are just idiots.

And, that sounds like a good plan for karate class. :)

It gets harder every day to maintain a positive attitude that someone in DC is actually concerned about the people they were allegedly sent their to govern.

Travis: You said it man. I am so close to saying, "Let's scrap the whole thing." There's no actual leadership or governing going on. *Grrrrr*

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