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2012 Wrap Up

This has become an annual thing for me for the past several years. I answer these same questions. I find it helpful to compare them year to year. They're a benchmark, and they help me to remember.

1. What was the best thing that happened to you personally in 2012? I found myself unable to limit myself to one in many of these categories (or all of them).
  • That I continue to get to work in the church. I feel like such an abysmal failure in so many areas, but the feedback that I continue to get from the congregation and the pastor is very supportive and encouraging. They seem to think I'm doing a great job. You mean I can't buck a 30 year trend all by myself? You mean I can't snap my fingers, and it all be done?
  • Being on the top of the world just over the boarder from Montana in Wyoming. It was like descending into fairy land. Okay, and seeing my family in Minnesota, the reason for the trip. ;)
  • I started a new outreach ministry partnering with local community agencies. It's gotten a lot of new people involved.
2. What was the worst thing that happened to you personally in 2012?
  • I really don't have much that I can legitimately complain about. Lack of instant success in my professional goals really doesn't qualify. I really haven't tried to do anything else. I didn't lose anything. No major health issues. No one in my family died this year, which is really the first in a while.
3. What was the best thing to happen to all of us in 2012?
  • The Olympics. I loved seeing the world come together to watch this spectacle. I hadn't really watched in several cycles, but I was transported this year.
  • Craig Ferguson's still on the air? No strike that. He's really been pissing me off lately. lol
4. What was the worst thing to happen to all of us in 2012?
I couldn't come up with a single "worst," so I'm going to give you my top three. I have a lot of passion on them, so I'll elaborate more in future posts. The condensed version is:
  • The U.S. presidential election. I'll save the explanation for later.
  • Because it's fairly fresh in my mind, I would have to say the school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. More later.
  • Hurricane Sandy -- Because of where it hit and the significance of the damage, it is something that could affect the whole world like no other hurricane before it.

5. What was the best gift you received during the ’12 holidays?
  • Red fuzzy Santa socks. When I wear them with my slippers, I feel like my feet are getting a massage. Micro-fiber is really an incredible thing.
6. What was the best gift (most appropriate or best received) you gave during the ’12 holidays?
  • Flameless candles for my mom that have an automatic timer.
7. Do you have any regrets about what you did in 2012?
  • Nothing major. I didn't do enough to regret anything.
8. Do you have any regrets about what you didn’t do in 2012?
  • That I couldn't spend longer in Yellowstone
  • That I haven't made more friends outside of the church
  • That I don't have a meaningful life outside of the church
9. Resolutions for 2013? Now’s the time for them.

I was looking at my resolutions from 2012 ...
1. See a medical health professional some time this year.
Nope. Well, I did get a flu shot, and it was administered by a medical health professional, but I don't think that counts.

2. Spend less time on the computer.
Yes, but I did that by watching more tv. More mental balance while maintaining my sedentary lifestyle. So it's a technical yes, but not good. It's like moving a checkers piece between two squares perpetually without getting anywhere. I think that I'll need to chart a new course for this next year.
3. I'd like to average about 3 blog posts per week.
I almost did this through June. After that, I couldn't bear to be on the computer long enough to produce the quality that I wanted. Then, I realized that I was creating content for content's sake, and that's never been what this blog has been about. I know that there's a fine line. You have to post frequently enough to keep regular readers engaged while having content interesting enough to make them want to come back. But, I wasn't keeping myself interested. I wanted to change where I had more of a space to give my honest opinion about what was going on in the world (be it light hearted or more serious) without my primary concern being whether everyone would like me or find me witty. I haven't talked about nearly as many things as I wanted to, but at least now, I feel free to do so. 

4. To get involved in some activity that's not church related.
Nope. I've come close. Now, I'm in a "club" that is tangentially related, not directly. But, this is still an area that I have to work on.

5. I still want to get closer in my relationship with God.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but I continue to make the effort. 

Resolutions for 2012 -
This has been the hardest part of this exercise for me, by far. Concrete, measurable goals. I was talking with someone several months ago about this sort of thing. I realized that I had been working a huge goal for several years that involved prepping for Seminary. Graduating from Seminary, and getting a ministry job.

Once I did that, I needed a recovery period where I actually just lived in the space of my accomplished goals. But that time has passed, I need a real, almost larger than life goal, or I'll find myself in the same rut of running around in circles to the point where I feel trapped in a cage that I made for myself. So, I have been working on both short-term and long term goals, for the past couple of weeks. Here are several that I should be able to accomplish within 2013.

  1.  I still need to see a medical health professional. I actually have a referral from a friend for a dentist. Now, I just have to verify that they're in-network with my insurance and make the appointment.
  2. Be disciplined about my savings plan. I have something slightly more complicated for my own use, but this will do for here.
  3. Make up a new term for "bucket list," something less crass and crude, not based on the euphemism, "kick the bucket." Something that evokes the fun, excitement, and adventure associated with the kinds of things that should be on that kind of list. I mean, buckets are a lot of things, but they're not fun. lol
  4. Find a non-church activity in town to get involved with, like a ballroom or swing dance club or something. It cannot involve sitting in front of a computer or a tv.
  5. Make action plans for my goals, so I have a plan on how to get there instead of just wishing that it'll happen. ;)
There! Those are do-able, and they all will have positive benefits in addition to their obvious or stated purpose.

A New Year. A blank slate. A chance to begin again. Who knows what this year will bring? What will you do to start?


I am picturing you in your fuzzy socks :)
and Craig is pissing me off too, I would imagine for many of the same reasons

I admire you so much for all you do
and even more for all you try - you're fearless

Happy 2013

I'm not good at writing out resolutions, but yours seem do-able which I think is the key. I have a couple of simple things I am hoping to keep up with this year, but no grand notions. Happy New Year!

Dianne: Fearless? Not in all things, that's for sure. Ha! And those fuzzy socks are keeping me roasty-toasty when it's ... -11 outside, eeek! lol

Joyce: We can but try. Good luck to us both! And Happy New Year to you, too! :)

I don't know...a walrus thinks a bukkit is great fun. Hehe!

For me, or I should maybe say for Pam and I, 2012 was a continuing transition year, with the first part of 2013 wrapping up those transitions. They are mostly financial in nature. Until we put the lid on those adjustments, we're not making any forward looking plans.

Maybe that's what the last year or so has been for you...just easing through the final transition from seminary to the job you wanted. Now it sounds like you're ready to really tune in and make some progress toward what you want for your future.

Determining what you want is the hard part. Once you know, the rest is CAKE.

Travis: Cake indeed! Can't make much progress unless you know where you want to go, right?

I admire your introspection. My resolutions have always been superficial and entertaining: learn to wolf-whistle, juggle, walk on stilts...

This year marks my first attempt at something more grownuppy, and regardless of its success, is monumental for that reason alone!

Joy: But, I already know how to juggle. ;) And congratulations on achieving your resolution to have a "more grownuppy" resolution. :)

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