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I'm in Love ... with my Kindle

I think I'm in love! My momma got me a Kindle for my birthday, and it is heavenly! I just moved to Idaho, and that move included about 20 boxes of books. Do you know how much they weigh? Even the light ones? Let me tell you, it's a lot.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love the physically of books. I love the artwork in beautiful illustrations and gilded edges, but that certainly doesn't apply to things like paperback novels and dictionaries.

I'm a single gal, and I often bring a book to read when I go by myself to a restaurant.  It makes me feel like I'm dining with friends. But the books that I bring get all dog-eared, and the bindings wear out. Just the other day, I had an old paperback almost break in half because the binding was shot.
I never have to worry about any of that with my Kindle. I have several of my favorite paperbacks with me at all times. I can just slip this thin, light little thing into my purse, and read whatever I want. (Except when I forget it, which I was forced to read my back-up paperback.)

I know that it means re-buying a book, but there are several that I've already bought two or three times because they wore out.  What's one more time? Especially, when the Kindle price is about the same as any other paperback (even large reference works).

I did tell you that I'm in love. ;)


so tell me
how do you feel about your Kindle?

I might ask for one for Christmas

I am thinking about getting Mikey one for Christmas. That kid reads like a crazy man, and I thought it would help him not need to carry three or four books at a time.

Dianne: Needless to say, I would highly recommend it. lol ;)

Sandie: It certainly takes a load off ... book bags, backpacks, etc. The device itself holds thousands of books, and you can archive some @ Amazon if you fill up your device. It's simply amazing. :)

Glad you like your new toy! I've been looking at buying a Kindle or something similar. Our library has a lot of online books you can download to such a device, which I think is a great thing. I've downloaded some to my iPod but that screen is just too damn small for these old eyes. :)

Lisa: Yeah, the ability to increase the print size on a mostly "normal" sized page is pretty cool. Not to mention borrowing privileges. People can actually borrow books from each other with the Kindle. The lender doesn't have access to it on their device until it's "returned." Cool! (Though I've not tried it yet.)

I got my Kindle in August 2010. I love it too.

I have a Nook and I love it! Electronic readers are THE BEST!

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