Thursday, November 10, 2011

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A Little Me Time with You

Many years ago know I saw a graphic that I thought perfectly summed up the online world (at least the decent part).

That does seem a bit extreme and psychologically dangerous, and yet ... Maybe not all my friends live in my computer, but I have developed significant relationships with people around the world online. Moreover, as I have lived in so many places over the past several years, I can continue to have a relationship with people who are far away, via my computer. It's my magical machine that can transport me to my friends in an instant.

When I come home from work, the first thing that I want to do is visit my friends and see what they've been up to.  There's a few here and a few there. There are the ones with whom I shared an obsession with Craig Ferguson and others with whom I shared an obsession with Lord of the Rings. Both of those are in the past tense because I am no longer obsessed with either of those things, and I don't think that the friends that I met there are either.  But we have developed meaningful relationships, and it's fun to catch up.

I check in with the people in DC via Facebook. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole. But I do it for them. It really makes me feel that I have a continued connection with Wesley Theological Seminary because they tell me (mostly via their updates and pictures) about what's going on.

And then there's the blogging world. With a quick scan on my sidebar, I can see if people have been active and if I can see what's going on in their world.

By the time I put in my two cents, it's time for bed. But then I want to read my book ... and I wonder why I don't get enough sleep.

But honestly, I just want a little me time ... with You! ;)

(ETA: I received an email today, that this post is being featured on the NaBloPoMo website, today! Wow! I can hardly believe it. With the hundreds of people participating, I hardly expected to be selected. I am very honored. Thank you NaBloPoMo!)


I think that's how the term "online community" came about.

I do often wish, though, that you could travel as fast as the speed of e-mail so you could be with all those far away friends when they needed you. For support....or alibis ...or whatever...

Joy: Oh, I'm waiting for them to invent a transporter (a la Star Trek). They've already combined the communicator and tricorder in the current cellphones. "Beam me to Paris, Scotty." :)

Now this is a great description of how internet relationships can be enriching to our bricks and mortar world.

Travis: When you hear in the media how toxic the internet can be, I realize how lucky I am to have friends like you. [And you too, Joy. ;) ]

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