Friday, November 11, 2011

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Five on Friday - Veterans Day

My friend Travis over at Trav's Thoughts does this fun meme with Five Songs on Friday. It's fun and easy to play. Head over there and see what it's all about.

As Veterans Day falls on a Friday this year, it only seems appropriate to have a Five on Friday themed in their honor. For all the military folks who have ever put their lives on the line to protect their homes and families and for those families who love them so, this one's for you.

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Have a great weekend!


Great revisit to the music that everyone knew during WW II

Jamie: Originally I wanted more WW I ones, but they're not as well know ... and slightly more violent. ;) I've been a little under the weather, so haven't been around to visit yet, but I will. :)

Excellent selections for a Set dedicated to Veterans. Well done!

Travis: Thanks! Hope you had a good 11/11/11. :)

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