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Saturday 9 - Melancholy Man

It's Saturday 9 time! It's a fun little meme. I mean a girl's gotta have something up her sleeve to make it through a month of NaBloPoMo. (In other words, you can expect to see something like this on Saturday's for a few weeks. lol) This week's theme is inspired by the Melancholy Man album by the Moody Blues.

Melancholy Man

1. Are you more melancholy on occasion?
It's been known to happen from time to time, but it's been a long time since I was stuck down in the dumps. Thank goodness! Lately, life has felt like a great adventure!

2. What did you think you looked like when you were a teenager?
Oh, I thought I looked hideous. Looking back on it now, I really looked pretty darn good. (Talk about some years of melancholy. Whew!) The woman who wrote the essay "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" sure knew what she was talking about.

3. Whose advice are you least likely to listen to?
Are you expecting me to name names here? Ha-hA! No thank you. As a group? That's a hard question. Currently, it's pretty close to a tie between politicians and journalists.

4. Tell us about a job that you liked when you were younger.
Ballroom dance instructor will always be my favorite job ... I always loved the working with people and sharing my joy. The chaotic parts of the dance business? Not so much.

5. Would you lie to someone if you knew the truth would end your friendship or relationship?
That would really depend. If it was life or death, or even potentially a physical or mental health concern. I would not lie regardless of the consequences. If it was over a stick of gum, I might risk the lie.

6. What do you have little or no patience for?
Hypocrisy ... Now, you might find that a little hypocritical from a "religious" person who just admitted that she would lie in the previous question.  And, I'd say that it would be a fair charge, but even religious people are sinners, fall short of the mark, whatever. Any religious person who claims otherwise is just kidding themselves.

7. What is there never enough hours in the day to do?
You mean besides keeping up with and expanding my online relationships and blogging? lol I would really like to say, "Clean my house," but that would be a lie. It's not that I don't have time. It's that I procrastinate ... by keeping up with my online relationships and blogging. :D

8. What is the most productive thing that you accomplished in October?
Getting almost all my boxes unpacked! The stuff that I have left is really minor. Yay!

9. What have you always wanted to learn but haven't yet?
To learn a foreign language fluently. I can bumble along in a few badly with lots of practice, but I really like to travel to other countries. One of the things that really holds me back is not being able to speak the local language.

For one, I think it's a respect thing. I hate the arrogance that goes along with expecting the whole world to speak English. And two, I can't stand the helpless feeling of not understanding what's going on around me and not being able to communicate. Believe you me, it gives me great empathy when I encounter non-native speakers in the United States.

 So, that's all the news that's fit to print on a Saturday morning. Trust me, I have some things of greater depth cooking on the back burners. Have a good weekend!


Love it! Great idea and what a wonderful list :)

Clicked over from the NaBlo thread at Blogher!

I am pretty sure the Blogger app on my phone is going to save me more than once this month! "Oh, is it 11:59? Picture of my cat!" At least this is actually, you know, information, being conveyed. Good luck!

Mry: Glad you like it, and thanks for stopping by!

Dorothy: I'll have to check into the blogger app! It might end up saving me. lol Thanks for clicking over. :)

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