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Sherlock Holmes

I guess that all the hilarity of this week got to me. Between the bell ringing on Wed and Caroling at nursing homes yesterday, I got to the point where I was at the end of my emotional rope.

So, what did I do? I went to the movies! I love to go to the movies. As I was trying to figure out what was available to see, I realized that this is the first time in 10 years that I haven't either been anticipating a Lord of the Rings film or a Harry Potter. That makes me kind of sad. (Though I've just seen where The Hobbit is filming with the same director and much of the same cast, but that's another story)

With no longstanding beloved franchise to turn to I had to access my memory banks. Ah yes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The last one was a bit graphic in its violence for my taste, but it should do in a pinch.

Let me tell you, I made an excellent choice. The perfect thing to draw me out of my funk. Not only was it "beautifully photographed," it was clever, witty, and exciting.  Holmes is up against his most ruthless adversary Prof. Moriarty.

It just opened this weekend, so I don't want to give out any spoilers. However, it should be safe to tell you that the British comedy legend, Stephen Fry, appears in several scenes, which, of course, he steals. (Were there enough commas in that sentence? I should probably go back and check. lol)

And then, there was a Swiss castle that I'm not sure is a real place. It was incredibly beautiful, but with the way it was placed in the side of the mountain, it seemed impossible to get to. Nevertheless, I want to believe it was real. I would love to visit it someday. :)

This isn't really telling you why I would recommend this film (at least not in a way that would make anyone else want to see it). What I will tell you is that Holmes does come up with a disguise that is so perfect that I could not tell. (And no, it's not when he's dressed up as a woman, as has been so heavily featured in the movie trailers and advertisements.)

See it because it's fun. See it because it really is a political commentary on how "the more things change; the more they stay the same." See it because you want to see the "charming" way that they curled Stephen Fry's hair, or see it because you love a good action/adventure flick.


I do love me some Stephen Fry :)

I know what you mean about not having LOTR or Harry to look forward to. But on the positive side, I do have the full series of both on DVD, so I never have to go without when the craving hits.

I'm definitely looking forward to The Hobbit.

Dianne: He was an unexpected delight, and it was more than a cameo.

Travis: Yeah, I have them all on DVD too, but there's something about the big screen experience in the cinema. :)

I'll have to add it to my list! Though we just got around to watching the first installment last week so it may be a while before we see the second one. LOL!

Lisa: Then you have something to look forward to. lol I would say that the second one was significantly less grizzly than the first. :)

There's a wee part of my brain that always adds a MRS to Stephan Fry...I love "her" Twitterings.*snort* She would have been an awesome cameo!!

Stacy: It's worth your time. :)

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