Friday, April 13, 2012

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Five on Friday

My friend Travis over at Trav's Thoughts does this fun meme with Five Songs on Friday. It's fun and easy to play. Head over there and see what it's all about and play along!

This week my selection is purely random, as it came out of my music player (except for some obscure recordings) ... So, that means some interesting combinations, but songs that I love.

"What You Won't Do for Love" - Bobby Caldwell

"It's Impossible" - Perry Como

"Dancing Queen" - Abba

"A Little More Love" - Olivia Newton John

"You'll Never Know" - Michael Bublé

Have a great weekend!


Great songs but of course "You'll Never Know" is very special to me and sung by Buble makes it extra nice.

Dancing Queen and Perry Como

I've got over 7,000 songs on my Ipod. Sometimes I like to select the entire catalog and put it on random. I sure get some varied sequences of songs.

For instance, that very Perry Como song you chose could play right after Led Zeppelin. That's cool.

Hadn't heard the Bobby Caldwell and Olivia Newton John ones in awhile - they were my faves this week.

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