Friday, June 15, 2012

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Five on Friday - The Sting Edition

My friend Travis over at Trav's Thoughts does this fun meme with Five Songs on Friday. It's fun and easy to play. Head over there and see what it's all about and play along!

This week's set is dedicated to Sting.  This first one has Julio Iglesias lead vocals with Sting blending in with back-up vocals and beautiful guitar work.


Angel Eyes

Moon Over Bourbon Street

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

We'll Be Together

Have a great weekend! Film reviews start tomorrow. ;)


Sting has such variety and I think "Moon Over Bourbon Street" may be one of my all time favorites. Great set.

Yeah, that's such a great song.

We'll Be Together ... always makes me dance.

I have to admit, that one's my favorite of the set. :)

Sting fan over here! Loved the entire set.

Seems like I remember something to that effect. ;) Glad you enjoyed it.

Fragile is an outstanding piece of music.

If I'm in the right mood, that song can bring me to tears.

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