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Snow White and the Huntsman

It's time for another title in my summer of movies.  This week's selection is Snow White and the Huntsman.  This is the second film of the year to retell the tale of Snow White, the first being a comedy and this in the action/adventure column.

Being more of an action/adventure type girl (at least when it comes to films) coupled with the dislike I have for Julia Roberts (the star of the other film), Snow White and the Huntsman was the choice for me.

I found the film intriguing, and I liked the way they filled in the back story from the somewhat cardboard start of the Disney film, really my only other frame of reference.

I liked that the Queen wasn't a stock villain. We get a sense of how she became the thoroughly evil creature that she's grown into. It's also a great commentary of the way women often feel that they must be in order to have power and control over their world. They must remain forever beautiful, emotionally cold and ruthless.

In addition, there were little twists that they put into the story to give it realism. As you might imagine from the title, For example, Snow White and the Huntsman bond in an interesting way. Also, the other women of the kingdom have taken to scarring themselves, so that they won't be a threat to the Queen.

Finally, they made Snow White into a fuller, more realistic character.  She isn't some passive creature that can only have things done to her and for her. She doesn't merely manipulate people with her feminine wiles (though she is meant to be quite beautiful). She has help, no doubt, but she gets it by being a leader and who she is on the inside, not just because people are mesmerized by her appearance.


I'd give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I wouldn't put it in the realm of great, but it was pretty good.

On Saturday, I may drive down to Salt Lake City to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I don't think that it's going to make it to my neck of the woods, and I have been so looking forward to it. Wish me luck.


You dislike Julia Roberts.

Give me a minute.

I know there must be people who don't care for her, but I think this is the first time I've ever seen those words in print.


OK. I can adjust. I love Ms Julia. But we can still be pals.

I've always appreciated how open minded you are. ;)

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