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Coming Out

Consider this my coming out party. Do you like my new "dress"? You see, I've been thinking, and I've decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction. 

Recently, I wrote an article for my church newsletter inspired by the legendary Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." Is it just me, or does it seem that the times suddenly got a lot more interesting in recent months?

A pet peeve of mine is the constant panic induced by the 24 hour cable news cycle. It seems that the only way that the news networks can maintain consistent viewership is to attempt to keep the public at a constant level of crisis.

But, what happens when a real crisis happens? Do people even have the ability to detect it? Do they ignore it along with the cacophony of everyone else warning us that the sky is falling?

Current pain always feels worse than remembered pain. That's why we fondly look back at the "good old days" even if they weren't that good. (And Lord knows that no woman would have more than one child.)

For example, I can hardly believe the praise I am hearing from Democrat pundits and spokespeople about Ronald Reagan. You can be sure that their speech was considerably less kind when he was president.

Yet now, things seem to be getting more and more "interesting" by the day. Some are perennial, but they don't usually come to a head all at the same time.

  • The idea of a nuclear Iran and how Israel and the rest of the world should respond.
  • The next phase of the Arab Spring.
  • Vladimir Putin determined to ensure that there is no Russian Spring, and Russia reasserting itself on the world stage.
  • China feeling very much the same and yet being very much its own country.
  • How all of the above is influencing what's going on in Syria.
  • What's going on in the European Union, and what will happen if it is not able to survive.
  • And the list goes on...

So, what I've decided to do is provide some commentary on these interesting times, on what's going on in our world.  Now, it doesn't all have to be heavy and earth shattering. Since I love movies, I might sneak the odd film review and things along that line. After all, they are happening in the world and are, indeed, commentary on it as well. However, it will likely mean less holiday snaps and that sort of thing.

It's still me (รก la "C'est Moi") but perhaps not a side of me that you're used to seeing. Consider this my Coming Out Party. I hope that you'll go on this adventure with me.


I understand your desire to comment on the world and the good and bad. I sometimes feel that I don't count, but at least I can have "my say" on my blog. So, I give you credit, and wish you luck. Hopefully people can read your blog fairly, without judgement.
BTW, I agree with you about the news outlets using "Breaking News" all the time, and making everything that happens seem like an earth-shattering event. Remember when we would get a show interrupted for "Breaking News" and it really was a big deal?
Every election year now is "do or die: for our country. Each party says we will all go to hell in a handbasket if the other party gets in. Guess what? So far we are all still here, living our lives, making the most of our ups and downs.

I will look forward to reading your thoughts. I agree about the news. Its all ALERT ALERT ALERT...we've grown numb and I bet most people pay no attention to that word when it rolls across their screen. Remember when breaking news was really breaking news?

I think I know what you are saying - can't wait to see more.

I understand your point. It's why I put CD's on during the day instead of TV news. I let the sensationalism fizzle out and then gather shards of facts.

It'd be so much better if certain "news" stations did an occasional song and dance--or puppet show--to help us remember they're journalism has become more Entertainment than Information. Enter-mation? Info-tainment?

The only thing that I don't like about this new blog theme is that I can't respond inline to everyone's comments. (At least not yet). But, I thank you all for your support. :)

I'm looking forward to it. I definitely like the new template, although I agree with you that it's not as easy to "converse" in comments like you used to do.

Still, you are a person of well defined opinions and ideas. You communicate them well and are open to discussion. You're not afraid of divergent thoughts. So your social commentary should be illuminating and interesting.

Travis: Now, I've built up these expectations. Let's see if I can live up to them. Of course, today we had Syria & Turkey trading fire, so the interest level just went up another notch there.

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