Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a day of commemoration created in honor of the people who sacrificed themselves for their country. In my family it was also the day that we went to the graves of family members to give them a spring cleaning.

I've seen a lot of war memorials, and today, I've seen a lot of pictures honoring those who served by laying down their lives for their country. One of the most moving and chilling memorial I've seen is for the Koren War in Washington D.C.. It is especially eerie at night. It helps me to imagine what it is like being on patrol in the night. What it's like to be startled when you encounter something unexpected in the dark.

I know that our military have had more of the desert experience in recent years, but as you look at this picture imagine yourself being a part of this patrol. Imagine what it must have felt like to be there.

I've seen a lot of comments in this weekend about emphasizing that Memorial Day weekend is not about having three days off work and grilling meat. That's true. Almost all the members of my family from my dad's generation have been in the military.  However, believe me when I tell you that they enjoy(ed) their Memorial Day Weekend family BBQs and get togethers as much as anyone.

Remember our fallen brothers and sisters, but let go of your guilt. It's okay. If you can't feel free to gather with family and friends, what did they die for anyway?


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