Friday, June 6, 2014

What Makes Summer Awesome

Kid President gives us his top five of what makes summer awesome. Go ahead and watch this. You know you want to. It's Kid President for crying out loud! lol

Though it's technically not summer yet, but what I'm finding awesome so far is the more casual feel of things. Things still have to be done, but it can even be more fun when you're doing them. (That might have something to do with me having to play Disc Golf during the day with my youth. lol)

I also like grilling things outside. I think that I've already done it more this  year than the last two years combined. Oh, happy days.

What makes summer awesome for you?

Okay people, let's push ConAgra to the max.  They've already increased their commitment from a max of 1 million meals to 2 million meals. View and share this video like a bandit, and you'll be helping to feed kids. How could it be easier to be awesome this summer?


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