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Quilly's Quivel

I'm not exactly sure what a quivel is, but once again, Dr. John is at the bottom of it. He "encouraged" me to participate in Quilly's Three Word Thursday. (See comments of my previous post for details.)

The premise is to use three almost obsolete words supplied by Quilly. This week the words are:

hitonious: very bad, beyond horrid
teterrimous: most foul.
mellifluous: 1 : having a smooth rich flow 2 : filled with something (as honey) that sweetens

I think that a quivel is supposed to have some vague resemblance to poetry. The following poetry's resemblance is so vague that it might be mistaken for prose. ;) But I must say that the process was fun, and I am impressed with the creativity of the participants. And without further adieu ...

The Gingerbread Girl

Gingerbread was Nelly's favorite food in the world, and she was so happy. She had turned 11, and this was the day that her mother was going to let her make the family recipe all by herself. Naturally, Mom foisted her little brother Melvin on her. He was seven and the bane of Nelly's existence, but she would not allow him to ruin her day.

All was going well. Melvin was reading the recipe, and Nelly was putting it together. A smile of joy spread across her face as she added each little bit. The smell of the ginger was like rapture. She took a deep breath through her nose and felt the little zings as she inhaled a little of the powder. The mellifluous molasses was so rich, so wonderful glowing a dark amber as it poured into the bowl and caught by the light. Then, as the gingerbread baked, the most captivating aroma filled the house.

Nelly could hardly wait for it to cool. She was desperate for a bite. When she did, she was punished with a taste most teterrimous. What could have possibly gone wrong? She looked at the recipe, and then pierced laser beams into her brother with her eyes. He told her baking soda instead of power and tablespoons instead of teaspoons. She might have considered this an honest mistake except for the interminably smug look on his face. "You must be the most hitonious little brother who every lived." Then she yelled, "MOM!"


Welcome to 3WT! I very much enjoyed your story. At that all, any brother would be hitonious, but he seemed to be especially so!

Oh, by the way, the word Quivel came from combining Quilly with Drivel, and I do think I'll need to say something to Dr. John about that!

I am on my way now to put your link up on my site. Did you pick up next week's words?

Oh what a hitonious brother indeed. It sounded so good and I have when I began cooking put in baking soda instead of powder or the other way around but his look gave it away.
I enjoyed the story.

ha, what a delightful story.
siblings, eh! sometimes mellfluous, sometimes hitonious, but never boring...

THis was one of the best of the stories with Quilly's words that is if it was a story.
Now if it was a poem and you have assured me it is it is first class quivel. Why?
Because it doesn't look like a poem. It doesn't feel like a poem. It doesn't seem to be a poem but since it is it is a horrible horrible poem but very very good quivel.
Welcome to the club.

Quilly: This is certainly a most interesting game you've come up with here.

Betty: Yes, I made that mistake early in my baking career. I don't remember what it was, but I'll always remember the teterrimous flavor. Never made THAT mistake again. LOL

Juliana: Thanks so much!

Dr. John: LOL Thank you kind sir! :)

that was really good Cherie! I could hear the little girl shouting at her brother - even if he was using a word I can't pronounce

Yes, no 11 year old girl should know words like that! LOL

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