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Three Word Thursday #22

This is hosted @ Quintessentially Quilly, and we use antique words in (hopefully) wild and wonderful ways. Stop by Quilly's place to check out all of the creative geniuses.
This week's words:
  • rogitate (v) to ask frequently.
  • solipsistic (n) a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing ; also : extreme egocentrism.
  • nequient (adj) Not being able.
    e.g. - Usage: Everyone in his family can sing, but he is nequient in the art of singing.
The Misadventures of Malcontent Myrtle Macintosh
Myrtle was sitting in the staff meeting trying mightily to stay awake while one of her colleagues, Ronald, made excuses about why his presentation wasn’t going to be done on time. He was nequient to grasp theKatharine_Hepburn_032 concept of simple time management.
Maybe, if he was a little less solipsistic, spent a little less time on his cell phone and playing with his e-mail, and more time working, he might actually get an assignment done on time. Their boss, Harvey, rogitated Myrtle to help Ronald with his work, and she was sick of it. She was hoping against hope that, just this once, Harvey would let him twist in the wind.
The corners of her mouth started moving up at this pleasant thought when she heard Harvey say the inevitable, “Myrtle …”
And just like that, her thermostat was set on “seething.”

(Previous Episode.)
If you haven’t done 3WT, there’s still time. :)
The 3WT #23 words will be: tortiloquy; montivagant; & vultuous


Some people do this to some people, don't they? :-)

Good use of Quilly's words. I like the ongoing story. I think the " thermostat set on seething" is just a great line.

Another illustration of self-centered human behavior . It is so sad.
But you did a good job with the words.

You know. I'm beginning to wonder if Myrle likes to help these men and puts up with everything they do to her just for attention. She gets upset, pissy and all and never does anything to get even LOL. Great use of the words :)

I think it's time she got even, too. Or maybe Thom is right (but don't tell him.)

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Anthony: It can be quite aggravating.

Dr. John: I got the idea from you. ;)

Fandango: Thanks!

Thom: In the words of the great Henry Gondorf, "Revenge is for suckers." But being passive-aggressive lives forever. LOL

Nessa: You're secret's safe with me. ;)

I enjoyed your story. As I'm new to your blog, I can see I have to go back and read the previous stories with Myrtle as well!

And just like that, her thermostat was set on “seething.” Oh, I so know that feeling! I once leveled my boss for something similar. I didn't get fired, but that was probably because it took her too long to get over the shock -- or (more likely) because the job I was doing was one she didn't want to do herself!

Lindy: Thanks so much! Now, that you mention it, I've racked up quite a few episodes of Myrtle. I probably ought to create a link so people can get caught up fast. (None of the episodes are very long.)

Quilly: No good deed goes unpunished (like with more work). ;)

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