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What Is Love?

** WARNING ** WARNING ** Poetry ahead. I will be the first person to admit that poetry is not my strong suit. But with all of the poetry at Dr. John's place as of late, I was inspired to try some of my own. (In other words, I can't be held responsible for my actions. I was in a creative haze ... such as it was. LOL)

What is love?
Is it a verb or a noun?
If it’s a verb, what shall we do?
It becomes more than what we have found.

Love as a verb builds up,
And when we do it together,
It is something that lasts
Forever and ever.

Love as a noun
Is a very different thing.
That is something
Worth remembering.

It is a feeling
Or state of being.
It can come on
As a maddening fever.
But oh the rush,
I wish it could go on forever.

What happens when it goes away?
Over this, do we have any say?

Perhaps, the verb
Has something to say about this.
If they work in concert,
It could be absolute bliss.
It’s not an “either or” situation.
That is the source of the frustration.
When I love you, it is a feeling
That becomes action.


Poetry . I love poetry.
Now I know what love is I can love poetry even more.
But you must go from poetry to quivel.
Quivel is more fun.
Quivel requires little thinking.
Quivel is Quilly's fault so no blame can be attached.
Quivel has few rules.
Quivel reaches to the very bottom of bad poetry and goes below.
Quivel restores almost lost words.
You can do it.

Dianne: Thanks! :)

Dr. John: I was going to ask you whether or not you had missed your calling as a salesman, but actually you were (are), in a manner of speaking. lol I'll have to look into it. As you probably can tell the idea of it frightens me to no end. And with strange and unusual words? Hmmmm ... but I like strange and unusual. I think that I'll give it a go, but I make no promises. :)

Quivel is Quilly's fault? Oh-oh, Dr. John, I bet you thought I'd never see that.

Oh no, I think I got someone in trouble. Eeek! ;)

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