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2009 Wrap Up

A little summary of the year. I did the same one last year and really liked it. I especially like it now when I can see where I was at this time last year, compared with now. Very interesting.

Let's see what's happened in 2009 ...

1. What was the best thing that happened to you personally in 2009? I continued following the path that God set before me by moving to Washington D.C. to go to grad school to get my Masters of Theological Studies. I love what I'm studying, and there's something exhilarating about doing what you know you were meant to do … even if you don't know where it will lead to, or why you're supposed to be doing it. It's the greatest adventure of my life, and I've had some doozies.

2. What was the worst thing that happened to you personally in 2009? The worst thing was the move to D.C. to go to school. If you're familiar with this blog, you'll probably already know this, but … I had a hard time leaving Texas. After a lifetime of moving every 3-5 years, I found a place where I finally felt was “home.” I had to leave the people that I love and a culture that I love. And the beautiful West Texas skies. Man, how I miss them. It's been harder to adapt to this strange environment where I now find myself. I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, and that really isn't helping. I try very hard, every day, but I find it very difficult. It's emotionally exhausting. I'm glad to have the break between semesters right now.

3. What was the best thing to happen to all of us in 2009? Cash for clunkers. It appears to have done what it was designed to do. (That's gotta be a record for the government.) It jump-started the economy enough for the quarter to end with positive economic growth. The media got to report that, which gave the people some confidence to start spending some money again. We're certainly not out of the woods yet, but when you think that last year at this time “they” were saying that we were in the beginning stages of the 2nd Great Depression, things are very good. “People” have very short memories, and they don't remember how bad or how long (over 10 years) the Great Depression was. When you consider that, things are very very good.

4. What was the worst thing to happen to all of us in 2009? The health insurance debate. I have been saying for YEARS that the health insurance system was broken and needed to be reformed. Even though I am more fiscally conservative by my background, I was willing to give this healthcare reform thing a chance. There were some good ideas out there, but with all the horse trading that went on to get the bills through, I'm very scared of the end result.

5. What was the best gift you received during the ’09 holidays? The Star Trek DVD! I loved that movie this year! I'm not one of those Trekkies who dress up in costumes and go to conventions, but I did go on the Star Trek “ride” in Vegas. (It was very cool, btw. Don't know if it's still there, but anyway…) The costume/convention folks had “issues” with the film, but I thought this “reboot” of the series was fantastic and leaves the door open for many adventures in the years to come. Yeah, I liked the gift. lol

6. What was the best gift (most appropriate or best received) you gave during the ’09 holidays? That would be a serving tray that I gave to my mom. It was a multi-tiered crystal contraption that she can use to display various baked goods and the like. She was thrilled, when I asked her in the store if the style suited her. (Yeah, it wasn't a huge surprise on Christmas, but it had the benefit of being exactly what she wanted. lol)

7. Do you have any regrets about what you did in 2009? I regret the things that I did that inadvertently hurt other people. I put a lot of effort into not hurting other people's feelings or offending them, but sometimes it happens anyway. It always kills me. Let me put out my formal apology to anyone out there that may be reading this that I may have hurt in any way. I am truly sorry for any injury that I may have caused. It is the last thing that I ever want to do.

8. Do you have any regrets about what you didn’t do in 2009? Not really. There are several things, mostly having to do with the move that I could have done differently, but I think that I made the right choice. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Woulda, coulda, shoulda … didn't. And now, there's no going back.

9. Resolutions for 2010? Now’s the time for them. I was looking at my resolutions from last year ...

  • To Boldly go where the Lord leads me without fear … “… for Thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Well, I think I get to check this one off … perhaps not the fear part. I spent the year concerned that I was going to somehow screw things up by forgetting to cross a “t” or to dot an “i.”

  • To worry less and live more. In the words of the Nike slogan … Just Do It. Or as one of my favorite film characters, Auntie Mame says, “Live, live, LIVE! Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.” I lived, but I also worried … See above.

  • To remember that bored people are boring, and then be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I was never bored. Quite the contrary. This is so true that I'm taking a lighter load at school this next semester. Maybe I'll be able to get out of my cell (dorm room) a little more often in the spring. Looking forward to seeing some Cherry Blossoms.

  • To be proactive rather than procrastinate. Find excitement in the mundane. It is there in the trenches where you turn your dreams into reality. I was certainly in the trenches, working very hard 99.999999% of the time. Even my academic adviser suggested that I not take any accelerated courses during the winter break to give myself a rest. I did earn it if I say so myself.

But what about resolutions for 2010?

  • To continue forward with the goals from last year. Progress made, but a long way left to go.

  • Develop a support system in D.C. I think that I will have a nervous breakdown if I don't find some people locally. I've already got a line on something, but I'm not sure if it will pan out. Will definitely check it out.

  • That doesn't seem like enough. Any suggestions?

That's all folks! Everything you never wanted to know. LOL Have a Happy & Safe New Year! :)


I am glad you are enjoying some down time and recharging. You'll be ready to start afresh with Spring term. The beginning is always the hardest because you don't know the ropes or your way around. This time through you'll be a bit more firmly grounded. And I'll add that support group to my prayers.

Well Larisa, Spike doesn't do resolutions because he NEVER keeps them. So you are way ahead of me. I think you have accomplished so much. DC is jsut a stepping stone for you. I wish you all the best in 2010 and I hope that you have a very safe, healthy and happy New Year. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou
MWAH!!! xoxoxo

Quilly: Thanks! :)

Thom: Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (I hope that's a good thing. ;) ) Mwah!

Happy New Year.
It looks like your year went well.
I believe the fewer New Year resolutions the better.

Dr. John: And Happy New Year to you too! :)

not enough? that's great

I am so proud of you and I hope I tell you that often enough

all good things lady, you deserve them

Dianne: Thanks so much! I wish great things for you too! :)

I love your recap of the past year, Cherie--and the look forward. You might be having a difficult time transitioning to life in D.C. but, gee whiz, you left comfortable and familiar surroundings, your home, a place you loved, to a very unfamiliar, uncaring (as all big cities are), very challenging environment. All in the pursuit of your dreams, your passion, your raison d'être. That takes guts, lady! And you've got that in spades. Kudos to you, Cherie, for knowing what you want, setting goals and doing what it takes to achieve those goals!

You've done so well for yourself this past year. Truly! You have a lot to look forward to.

Happy New Year indeed! :)

Lisa: That's good to know because usually, I just feel like an idiot. LOL

The best thing even happened to me is blogging, I feel excited to find you here, may we be friends? something great always come out of a misfortune, thus my focus is to be positive and be cheerful.

No new years' resolutions, just manage to be happy, on daily basis...

happy 2010!

take care.

Cherie: I think most of us feel that way. ;)

Ji: That's a great focus. I'll definitely come and visit you. ;)

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