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Portrait of Words – An Average Day

It's that wonderful time again when we get to post our Portrait of Words stories, a writing challenge where we develop a story based on a set of pictures from Portrait of Words. Go check out the talent pool over there. :)
An Average Day
“Georgia! Where are they? I can’t find them!” Susan said in a panicked voice.
Georgia’s eye grew wide in sudden alarm. “What do you mean you can’t find them?” As Georgia passed a window she spotted two little forms in the front yard playing in the rain.
“Susan,” she called to her friend as she gestured out of the window. They looked at each other with bemused smiles.
Susan hung her head and rubbed the worry lines between her brows. She thought, These children are making me old before my time.people
The two young ladies went out to retrieve their charges and got them all cleaned up for their outing.
A couple of hours later they had two small boys sitting at a table in the kitchen demolishing their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The puppy,optional 1 Rudy, was staring at them with jaws open in the hopes of a treat.
Timmy, the older of the two and all of five years old, said, “Can we take him, pleeeeeeeze? You see? He wants to come.”
Susan laughed and said, “I think that he’s more interested in your lunch at the moment." Almost as if he understood, Rudy wriggled a little closer to Timmy, just in case.
Johnny’s eyes lit up at the idea of taking the dog and started chanting, “Ru-Dy … Ru-Dy.”
Georgia walked over to him and with a damp rag gently began to clean his jelly covered face. “We can’t bring Rudy, not today. Maybe next time.”transport
For the next 10 minutes the boys whined and begged about bringing the dog, but by the time they were strapped in the car, their minds had moved on to other things. activity
When they got to the park, it was like it was a completely different day. The rain had let up, and there was a beautiful blue sky. Everything was fresh and green, newly washed by the rain. They wandered around the grounds and finally made it down to the lake where the boys ran around chasing squirrels and threw rocks optional 2into the water. Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed the serenity of listening to the breeze rustle through the leaves.
All too soon, it was time to go home. Rudy was sitting there waiting to greet them. He looked up as if to say, “Welcome home! Is it supper time?”
optional 1


That is a pretty average day in Hawaii -- year round.

Good story.

Great story my friend. Funny how kids forget about puppies when doing something else but the minute they starts all over again. Wonderful story :)

Such a lovely little slice of life. You wrote a very sweet story.

Quilly: That sounds nice. I can't imagine why no one wants to go there? ;) LOL

Thom: Good thing that adults aren't like that! LOL (My, my, I'm feeling awfully sarcastic today. Must be because I've been channeling Myrtle. She brings it out in me. lol)

Nessa: Glad you enjoyed it. :)

You did a great job:) Happy Tuesday!!

Bitter Sweet: Thanks so much! :)

What a nice family centered story. It was very well done.

I liked the family outing.

Dr. John: When I saw those pics and those sweet faces, I had to go with it.

Betty: Thank you! :)

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