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Saturday 9: Rain

It's Saturday 9 Time! Check 'em out for details.

Saturday 9: Rain

1. What do you typically like to do on a rainy day?  My favorite thing to do is sleep, but if that’s not really an option, I like to sit on the porch and watch it (and listen to it).
2. Tell us about the last time you did something you later regretted, that you can share with us.  “That you can share with us.”  You mean that I can’t tell you about pending litigation?  Thanks for putting in that loophole.  [/sarcasm]  (I suppose that has to be in the question, or people would put things they really “shouldn’t.”)  In this case, the last thing I regret is not sending back some shrimp that didn’t look fully cooked.  Learn from my mistake. ;)
3. I recently got an email from a lover from a very long time ago. I was asked "Have all your dreams come true?" If it were you and it was from someone you remember fondly, how would you answer the question?  “No,” but then again, I have a lot of dreams, and some things beyond my wildest dreams have happened to me.  So, there you are.  Besides, if all of your dreams have come true, it’s time to come up with some new dreams.
4. If you had a job interview and was asked, "If you were an animal, what kind would you be (other than human?)" How would you answer that question.  I would say that I’m a dog.  I can be trained to do anything, including herding (i.e. manager/supervisor).  I work well with people.  And since I grew up with them, I even get along with cats. ;)
5. Do you think it is a good idea to share with a new lover stories of your past lovers?  No, not really.
6. When do you think it is permissible or even important to lie?  I don’t think that it’s ever a good idea.  That doesn’t mean that I’m hurtful.  There is a way to tell someone the truth, so that they can hear it without getting defensive.  On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that I never lie.  But it’s only because I am weak and afraid, not because I think that it’s “permissible.”
7. What was the last thing you did that you never thought you would?  I can’t think of a thing.  I’m a wild and crazy girl. ;)
8. What is one important lesson that you learned from your mother?  How to make lasagna.  What? You don’t think that’s important?  You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted my mother’s lasagna. :)
9. What is one important lesson that you learned from your father?  Not all men (even “manly” men) are mechanically inclined.  At this very moment, I’m stilling at a computer desk where the bottom is on upside down because he “insisted” on putting it together for me.  (Bless his heart.)

Have a great weekend!


Rabbit, Rabbit!

I love raining days and the harder it rains the better, especially if I am home.

Your dog answer was a good one.

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I am a cat. I prefer being dry, cuddling up and reading a good book on a rainy day -- instead I am off to a concert in the park. amoeba is playing his horn.

Sit Fido Sit. LOL. Upside down computer desk bottom...too funny. Great list. Rabbit, rabbit!

We haven't had rain in awhile. I'm actually looking forward to the rainy season.

Nessa: Rabbit, Rabbit! :)

Quilly: A concert in the park sounds fun too. :)

Thom: Believe it or not, I actually AM sitting. :p

Travis: That sounds about right. Here in West Texas, where it hardly ever rains, we just finished with the wettest month on record. lol

Those were the best answers I've seen for this meme. So many people seem to hate their mother or father.

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