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Small World #1: Home Sweet Home

I saw this over at Thom’s. It looked like fun, so I’m joining in. I’m a day late, but I’m giving it a go anyway. It demonstrates one of my favorite things about the internet … or history … or art … or music. It’s about learning more about people and their cultures. I sincerely believe that we’d all get along much better if we got to know one another. (Not everyone’s interested in knowing other people, but that’s another story.)
This meme is hosted by Carleen over at Egypt Everlasting:
This blog is about everything Egyptian and although Egypt’s history is long and her culture fascinating, she is but one nation in this world of ours that grows smaller with each day. Every Saturday, we’ll post a theme. Participants will post a picture, story, song, poem, recipe, craft project, piece of art – anything, really – that tells us something about your city/town, state/province, or country for that week's topic. Our hope is that through this weekly meme, we’ll learn more about our countries and cultures.
This week's theme is HOME SWEET HOME, so share something about the place you live.

Okay, on with the show …
For the next two weeks, my home sweet home is in West Texas. This is what my living room looked like a few days ago. Alas, it’s now a diminishing memory as more things make their way into boxes.
This is my “Western Wall.” Included are the obligatory cow skull, pictures of horses and cactus. To be honest, not everyone around here has cow skulls hanging from their walls, but when I helped someone move, they offered it to me. As a foreigner (Yup, I’m a Yankee. LOL), it was too cliché to pass up. I should add that I absolutely adore him. At Christmas, I dress him up in a Santa Cap.
Here’s the rest of the place. I don’t know that it has any particularly West Texas vibe about it, but it probably tells a lot about me … though I’m not quite sure what. However, I should tell you that it is rarely this neat. I must have been expecting people over. ;)
Might as well finish off the series with the view out to my patio. I’ve loved living here. I’ve been in this apartment for almost 10 years. I will miss it, but I’m also excited about my DC adventure. :)
Stay tuned…


I love the cow skull and so hope to see a picture of it decorated during Christmas. I had no clue you were a yankee. I would have thought true Texas Girl so I had you pictured more with a Western motif. I love your place. I'm glad you are doing this. It's a real fun meme, learning more about everyone. And you...getting to go to DC...we will learn even more. I can't wait. Aloha my friend. MWAH :)

My folks have a steer skull as part of their southwestern decor. They are particular fond of the bright colors of Arizona/New Mexico Native American cultures.

Whoa! DC -- how exciting. Can't wait to hear of your adventures.

You have a beautiful home. It looks sweet and feminine, even with the cow skull. I would love to see it in it's Santa hat.

It's hot and humid on this coast right now. Maybe you should wait until it cools down?

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I am prayimng your move goes well.

Thom: I better take the picture soon to have it in reserve. I don't think that the Santa cap and the cow are going to be in the same state for the next couple of years. LOL

Travis: That is such a cool look, especially considering how stark and monotone the landscape can be.

Quilly: I'm thinking that my DC adventures are going to become a weekly feature.

Nessa: Thank you so much. You know how to make a girl feel good. :) And as far as the humidity, they say it's good for smoothing out the wrinkles. lol :)

Dr. John: I really appreciate it. Got a lot of things crossed off the list. Feel that God's clearing the path. Aren't those "coincidences" wonderful? ;)

Cherie, I have family scattered across the state of Texas, but most are in Southeast Texas -- near between Houston and the Louisiana border. That steer skull is just sooooo Texas, even for a Yank! :)

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