Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Daily Adventure

That little girl on the high wire is how I want to live my life, to the fullest. I may skip the monkey. They're a bit unpredictable. However, if it were a stuffed animal toy, I may reconsider. I like fuzzy cuddly things.

Yesterday, I wrote about my realization of how much I had been altering my true authentic self for the sake of getting what I thought I was missing in life. I didn't even realize that I was doing it. (And if you ask the people that know me, they probably still thought I was as non-conformist (read: strange) as ever.)

But now, that I see it, I can no longer be held back. I have a renewed passion and zeal for life. Every day is now a new adventure, and I always envisioned myself as a hero in a rollicking adventure story. My mission? To help people to see their fullest potential. To leave joy in my wake. A hero not armed with weapons of violence, but rather with a smile and a kind word.


In other words the very best kind of hero.

Congratulations on your realization.

Dr. John: With God's help.

Travis: The realization is "easy." It's the living it that's hard.

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