Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Unconscious Mutterings

Decided that I wanted something a little more light-hearted as the most recent entry on my blog since it might be here for a while. So, I now present another episode of Unconscious Mutterings ...

She said ... and I thought ... ?

1. Children :: Oh dear.

2. Saddlebags ::
Saddlebags? I resisted this the moment it came into my head. I thought about the leather ones that you see on motorcycles. I resisted because I thought it should be with a horse. I don't know WHY I would have preferred them to be with horses. It seems silly. Maybe it's because I would love to be able to go horseback riding, but the idea of riding on a motorcycle scares me. How strange is that? lol

3. Restraint ::
I'm full of restraint about some things, but there are others over which I have no control. People always seem surprised when that unrestrained side comes out. I don't know why. (But don't expect it to involve motorcycles any time soon.)

4. Awake ::
Why does it seem lately that I'm always awake when I want to be asleep, and I want to sleep when I should be awake? I'd love to blame it on the time change, but it started before then.

5. Blood ::
Please, don't let me get any on my clothes. The stains are so hard to get out.

6. Shutter ::
I shutter to think of all the effort that would be required to get a blood stain out of my clothes. I guess it's a good think that those vampire movies aren't in 3-D. Especially the kind that they have at Disney World where they .... I probably shouldn't ruin it for you if you haven't been. But I'll let you in on a little secret, it's AWESOME!

7. Posted ::
Blogs, comments, messages, e-mails ... It goes on ... and on ... and on ...

8. Corn cob ::
Now, that's not something I've thought of in a while. But with the sure signs around here that Spring is on its way, corn on the cob is something that I can start looking forward to. :)

9. Flagrant ::
Hmmmmm ... I got nothing for this one.

10. Fart ::
Women don't fart. We get the "vapors." (What exactly did you think Scarlett O'Hara was talking about? LOL)

Until next time ...


Flagrant: Foul
Fart: Toot
Saddlebag: You don't wanna know what I was thinking LOL

Love your list my dear sweet one. :)

I love corn on the cobb.

Your vapors comment is hysterical. makes more sense to me now. Must be why they wore those huge skirts.

T 13 - Magical Creatures

Saddle bag -- instantly thought of my thighs and my step-mom. Most specifically her telling me how fat my thighs were ad nauseum.

Spike: Yes, ignorance often is indeed bliss. LOLOL Mwah! xxoo

Nessa: Now, that's something that I never thought of. :)

Quilly: How "encouraging." [/sarcasm] I'm sorry that this brought that memory back.

I had the same saddlebags thought as quilly ;)


Just for the record, Cherie, your chances of crashing and burning are less likely on a motorcycle than on a horse. After all, your motorcycle probably won't buck you off. LOL!

Dianne: I'm sorry to hear that! I have far more disparaging ways to describe that part of my body. lol

Lisa: I think that it's a confidence factor more than anything. I would be so tentative on a motorcycle that I'd probably tip over, or as a passenger, the loss of control would be terrifying. LOL

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