Friday, April 22, 2011

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Tulip Day

While taking some breaks in the midst of paper writing, I've had a chance to take some pictures of the exploding color around here.  (That, and I got a new battery for my camera. lol)  These pictures were actually taken yesterday when the sky was blue. The temps were warm, and the air was dry.

Is this not one of the most brilliant tulips you have ever seen?  It was begging to have its picture taken.

The one below is is actually from the house next door.  I'm in love with the color of the wood on this front entry, and the homeowners have also graced us with some tulip color.

Tomorrow, I'll have some pictures that I took on a damper day, today, over at a garden next to the National Cathedral.  It also has some blossoms that want to show off.

Until tomorrow ...


Were you tip toeing to get that photo? LOL awesome. Happy Easter to you and your family. MWAH! xoxo

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, along with rhododendruns and peonies. And roses, of course!

Tulips are so happy looking.

Sorry that my responses are so delayed. In the middle of the last week of coursework, so ...

It's not that I don't appreciate y'all. :)

Spike: Nope, I got it fair and square from the public sidewalk ... and the zoom on my camera. :)

Travis: There is something singular about tulips.

Nessa: Yes, they are. It's good to see you around. :)

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