Sunday, December 11, 2011

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My Teeny-Tiny Tinsel Tree

I really wasn't sure if I was going to decorate my apartment for Christmas this year. It felt like a big hassle. And, I figured that if I didn't feel passionate about it, I really shouldn't do it.

Buying a new tree. Finding a space. Meh. Then, I had to go down to my storage unit to pick up something for church, and I saw it. There was a little tinsel tree that I had picked up several years ago from Hobby Lobby.

It's so sparkly that I wouldn't have to add lights or even ornaments if I didn't want to. Then, I saw a small box. Maybe, my little ornaments would be in it. Well, they weren't my tiniest, but they were some of my favorites. Well ... I couldn't resist.

May I present my teeny-tiny tinsel tree. :)

Hope you have a great week!


Sometimes that's just enough because it makes you smile.

You are the Ying to my Yang. Way to balance out the Griswolds of the universe.

Very pretty tree, Cherie. Sometimes the subtle can speak as loudly as the gaudy.

Travis: It certainly does do that, especially when I think of how easy it will be to take down. :)

Joy: So, I'm taking it that your house shows more of the Griswold influence. ;) I've been known to go in that direction too. Just this year, I couldn't face it.

I love your little tree, Cherie! Nicole tells me if I had my way every Christmas we'd have a Charlie Brown tree--and she's right. A much more sensible approach, I think. ;)

Cute! I have a little tree, but it's not nearly as petite as yours.

Lisa: Mostly what I like about it is that it's sparkly. That's what made me take it home in the first place.

Stacy: Thanks! It's certainly a table top tree. I think it would get hidden behind a cat. Okay, a large cat, but still ... lol

Sweet -- and just the perfect touch.

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