Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Ring Those Bells

I did something for the first time today. I rang the bell for the Salvation Army in front of a grocery store. I really found it invigorating.

I was a bit nervous about it. The people that I usually see doing it, often look like it's the last thing that they'd want to do in the world. They look so sad and miserable. And I'll tell the truth. I often avoid their eyes because I can't give them money. It's either because I don't have it to give, or I've already given. More than anything, I didn't want to be that kind of bell ringer.

I had a plan. Besides having an idiot elf hat to wear ... I've decided that the more that someone is willing to look like a fool, the more worthy the cause-lol ...I was inspired by the opening scene of the film, Holiday Inn, where Fred Astaire gives a lesson to the bell ringer set up to some kids busking playing music and dancing.

I brought a cd player (old fashioned, I know in these days of iPods), and played music throughout my two-hour shift.  I rang the bell to the music. I had fun with it, syncopating when the jazzy ones were on and generally bee-bopping along. I'm convinced that it made me less intimidating.

The people passing by seemed to enjoy it, and I actually got more money out of the deal.  Oh, and bonus ... the time went by a lot quicker. I might be tempted to sign up for two shifts next year. :)


Way to make giving gleetarded! I wholeheartedly approve.

That's a great thing to do, Cherie--they are always short on ringers, it seems. We try to do that as a family each year and we always have fun doing it! Almost everyone is cheerful and nice. It can get mighty cold, though, and even after the shift is over, I can hear the bell ringing in my ears. I bet you looked cute in the elf hat. :)

Joy: Yeah, I really felt like a big glee-tard. It was fantastic. :)

Lisa: It's one of the benefits of working for a church. I could take one of the slots they couldn't fill.

Dianne: I certainly had fun with it. I never realized how fun it could be. :)

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