Monday, July 9, 2012

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Flamingoing a Friend

I don't remember if I mentioned it here, but I organized a Flamingo Fundraiser for the Youth at my church. We just started visiting the nominated houses last week. They just stay for about 24 hours. The whole church seem to be really tickled by it. And they are so cute!

We started at the pastor's house

I visited this house today, and they decided to "nominate" two of their friends.


A little 4th of July fun. (So what did you do on 4th of July? Why, I went and put 2 dozen pink flamingos in a friend's yard.)

Though the picture quality isn't the best, this is my favorite delivery so far. These were requested by a woman whose house had burned down. She wanted them as a morale booster for the people in her neighborhood. They were there all weekend.

Where will they go next? I don't know, but we have so many orders that I may just visit the whole congregation over the course of the summer.


Oh, I LOVE pink flamingo-ing people! It never seems to bring a frown. They also look grand in costume, so if you're still at it in October.... :D

I love the devious look in people's eyes when they think about where to send them. Even people who don't expect them are charmed.

I saw you on Debbie blog and I love flamingos - I have a couple in my back yard. sandie

So how'd the fundraiser do? Reach your goal? Going to be annual?

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