Saturday, September 15, 2012

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4 Years & Counting

It's my blogoversary today, at least at the time that I was writing this. It's funny how these things sneak up on you, even when you have a button on your sidebar as a gentle reminder that it's coming up.  I can hardly believe that it has been four years, at least at this particular location.

I was looking at my posts from last year, and I found something missing. This picture ...
The bright orange.  The brilliant blue.  Just a hint of things to come for this season.
The smell of fall is in the air. It's delightful.

Rather than focusing on the past or thinking of the future, let's live in this moment and appreciate the things around us.

Thank you to all of my bloggy friends that keep me coming back for more. Here's to another four years!


Congrats on 4 years of blogging - here's to four more!

Happy Bloggiversary.

Hmmmm. Leave nostalgia? Don't worry about the future? Just be in the moment?

That's actually a good plan for awhile.

Your blogoversary and Frankenberry cereal's annual appearance: coincidence?

When the world is going as crazy as it seems to be lately, sometimes that's the only refuge. :)

Wow! That's actually kind of awesome. I might have to see if I can locate some Frankenberry to celebrate. :)

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