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Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond hosts this meme that has some interesting questions each week. Do you want to play?

1. What's the best and worst thing thing about growing older?

The truth of the matter is that I really don't think about my age very much. Most of the time, I can only figure out my age by subtracting my birth year from the current year. I still feel the same in my brain as I did when I was 5 or 6. (I was definitely one of those kids who was 5 going on 30. lol) Just look at the pic I posted for Hodgepodge from a week ago.

I don't think of myself as "older." I'm just me. I don't know that I have a "best" or "worst," not really, but if I have to come up with something ...

Best: Knowing that I've done a lot of cool things in my life.
Worst: Knowing that I could have done even more if I'd been smarter about it.

2.   Autumn arrives this week in the Northern Hemisphere...what one thing do you love most about the fall season?

3.  Speaking of fall...pumpkin seems to be flavoring everything these days-are you a fan?   What's your favorite pumpkin flavored food or beverage?

When I started smelling that certain quality in the air (probably leaves starting to turn), my mind went instantly to pumpkin, and it made me smile. Pumpkin pie would be my favorite, but I made some pretty good pumpkin bread last year (thanks to Costco - lol).

4.  Since we're on the subject of fall...what's the worst fall you've ever taken?

I've had some doozies. I was thinking of giving you the top three.  I'll give you the most recent because the body remembers the recent pain better than the past. It is from this past Memorial Day. I was hurrying out of my apartment on my way to pick up my guest, and I missed the last 1/2 step. Bam! All of a sudden I find myself face down on the sidewalk.

My hands had been full of bags, so I couldn't even try to catch myself. I twisted some things and skinned some others. I was a bit stunned for a couple of minutes, but I was pretty much okay. I was afraid that I had broke my glasses as they got knocked off my face, but they were fine too, narry a scratch. Even my cell phone came away unscathed. I twisted my wrist, but no broken bones from any of my falls. I figure that I'm a walking commercial for drinking milk as a kid. It does a body good!

5.  If you could own a prop from any film what would you choose?

The first thing that popped into my head was Aragorn's sword from Lord of the Rings. I wonder what that says about me. In fact, I have a letter opener replica of that sword. There can be something elegant and artistic about a sword though I could never think of actually using one.

6. What's the most interesting word you've read or learned in the past week?

Hmmm ... I can't think of any that I've learned recently (though I've been known to read dictionaries on occasion), but I had lunch with a five year old on Sunday, and he had recently learned the word "ginromous." He was very creative about getting it into conversation, especially when he was telling me about his Spider Man birthday party from last week.

7. When was the last time you locked yourself out of your house, car, or office?  Was it a big deal?

It's been a while, so I don't want to tempt fate. I'm probably overdue despite my borderline OCD behavior about it.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

If you're looking for nail polish that lasts consider China Glaze. I get it at Sally's Beauty Supply. It's been lasting at least a week for me with natural nails. Usually, I'm lucky if I last out the day before it starts chipping or peeling. It lasts almost as well as if it was on artificial nails, but it can be removed with regular nail polish remover. And it's reasonably priced too (around $5 here).

And for the record, this isn't a paid advertisement or anything. I just got it several weeks ago, and I was simply amazed. I had to share.


I agree with you on the age thing. Do we really ever think of ourselves as old?

I agree with you on number one too. I am so much smarter now, but have some aches and pains. lol

Ginormous is a favorite of mine : ) Age is a funny thing. When we're young we seem to imagine ourselves older than we are. At some point we begin the reverse and imagine ourselves younger than we are.

1 box Spice Cake + 1 can pun'kin, mixed & baked = 2 ingredient heaven. Just sayin'.

I love fall colors! It's like Mother Nature's Fall Fireworks Festival for the Eyes! Woot!

I sure hope not though occasionally I'll be watching a teenager commenting on something or someone in pop culture, and I'll say to myself, "I'm so old." :)

Yup! That's the way of things. :)

That is so true. In my head, I've always felt like I really was in my late 20s/early 30s. It seems odd that it should be so. :)

I'll have to try that. Just mix those two things together; that's it? No eggs or anything? I'll have to try that out. That seems much less finicky than the prep required for a pie. I mean going out to by the Pillsbury crust from the refrigerator section in the grocery store is such a hassle. And getting it out 15 minutes ahead of time? I don't know. :P

Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

I love shopping at Sallys, I'll look for that polish

Fall leaves are my favorites too :)

I've never seen the like for its ability to stay on natural nails.

Mmmmm...had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season over the weekend. Yum-OH!

The perks of autumn abound. :)

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