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The U.S. election is over. Meanwhile, the world has still been spinning. Life and strife have continued. No, the rest of the world was not put on hold though it did seem that way sometimes looking at the U.S. news media.

Syria has been raging. Greeks have been protesting, and China has been having a leadership transfer celebration, among many other things. Could it be that some of these places held their breath to see who the U.S. president would be? I suppose it's possible, but many of them have been busy fighting to stay alive.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Iran fired on a reconnaissance drone in the Persian Gulf. Naturally, this happened just before the election, but it wasn't reported until after the election.

You know "they" say that foreign policy doesn't really decide elections. Most people only care about domestic issues. I say that if any of these things blow up, foreign policy will become domestic issues. Truth be told, they already are.


Although many things in my life are dealt with using "igorance is bliss" (petty things, like a kid flashlight reading instead of sleeping) I am disgusted when our government decides to use that mantra on its citizens.

Joy: Yeah, and there's something fishy with this Benghazi business too. At the time it happened, I posted how I found the lack of media coverage inconceivable. It took days for them to get up to speed, and then they were just reporting what the administration was spoon feeding them and cashing their tails about that "provocative" video.

And while I'm on this particular soap box, it is also inconceivable to me that there aren't thousands of anti-Islamic videos on Youtube (not to mention anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Buddhist, anti-atheist, etc.). Why was this one singled out as the lightening-rod for world wide protests? Nope, it doesn't add up.

Okay, I'm done for the time being. ;)

Well at least now Libya has the added dimension of a sex scandal. Suddenly the media are interested. Whatever direction you turn in this country there is a mess of gargantuan proportion. The President really needs to lead right now but is conspicuously absent from the fray.

Don't even get me started on the mess here in the Northeast glad that photo op conveniently happened before the election.

Joyce: I wonder if Congress will still call on Petreaus to testify even though he resigned.

the world is so vulnerable and volatile
it's a lot to take in

Dianne: You said it. Even more now than when I wrote this a week ago.

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