Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Yes, I'm Still Alive

My sympathies to those on the East Coast having to dig out of blizzard Nemo. After the blizzard that hit Washington DC a couple of years ago while I was there, I feel your pain. Since when did they start naming every storm like it was a hurricane? I realized it back during storm "Gandalf" a month or so ago. We must be doing "well" if we're already up to the Ns. ;)

But, I digress. I just wanted to let y'all know that I'm still alive. I've been trying to kick a cold.

And, I had some stuff going on with work that involved overnights with teenagers. (Just what one needs when one is trying to get over a cold.) The good news is that the trip was a great success. The bad news is the same as with anyone who's out of the office for about a week, whatever the reason ... catching up.

By the time, I'm done with all that for the day, I can barely sit up and think. I've really been wanted to do a review of this season's Downton Abbey. I had some trepidation before the season began, but I've been enjoying it. Then, so many things have been happening in current events and politics that I think that my head will explode. I definitely need an outlet.

So, until then I bid you adieu. I'm not ignoring you. I promise. Hopefully, I'll be back to my annoying self soon. ;)


I had that cold a couple of weeks ago. It's a nagger for sure. Hang in there and get healthy.

Oh, I'm glad you're planning a return! Best to get that crud outa yer cranium--the virus and the political angst!

Travis: Thanks, I'm doing my best. :)

Joy: I've been thinking of taping my thoughts then transcribing. I seem to be able to rant a blue streak at a moment's notice. lol

I've been fighting some sort of awful respiratory thing for nearly a month. It refuses to die! My head also feels like it might explode...partly from my sinus thing and partly from political ridiculousness. Feel better soon!

Joyce: People keep asking me if I'm well, and I tell them I'm "improved" but a little bit more every day. :)

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