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Downton Abbey 2013

Preconceived notions, anticipations, they're an interesting thing. Regardless of how hard we try, we can't keep from having them. I scrupulously tried to avoid all the preview shows for this season's Downton Abbey. I can tell you it was also hard to stay away from all the talk from Britain where it was broadcast in the fall.

Season 3's Cast Photograph

Despite all this I heard a snippet here and there. It ranged from describing the season as the worst of the three to the best of all. I didn't know what to expect, but I prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. Actually, I considered not watching it at all. Silly girl.

It's terrible to say, but I found Shirley MacLaine's performance a bit wooden.

Fair warning: Spoiler Alert from here on out. ;)

I was pleased that they updated the maids uniforms to the 20th Century.

My biggest concern was whether Lady Mary and Matthew would finally get married.  It's not that I really care about these kinds of things so particularly. However, from the very beginning they've been teasing us with a "will they or won't they" kind of game. After half a dozen impediments, I was going to be very upset if they were going to try to string us along much longer.

Shirley MacLaine & Maggie Smith, could be the battle of the Titans!

You can imagine that I was on pins and needles until they finally got through the ceremony in the first episode.

Mary & Matthew, married at last.

After that, I've been enjoying it quite a lot. My only "real" objection is a loss of continuity across the seasons in one particular area. Back in season one, an "older" gentleman, about the age as the parents, was fixed up with Lady Mary as a potential suitor. She found him boring, and Lady Edith went after him. Sibling rivalry ensued, and no one got married that season. But, at the time Sir Anthony was a perfectly acceptable suitor.

Some new staff this season. This one reminds me of  Simon Baker from The Mentalist.

Six years later and after a war that was particularly lethal to Britain's young men, Sir Anthony is back in the picture. He did suffer from a permanent injury to his arm from the war, and that was sufficient to tip the scales to make him completely unacceptable as a husband for Lady Edith. She forced the issue, and they got all the way to the church.

At least Lady Edith got to wear her wedding dress.

But, it seems that Sir Anthony couldn't stand the strain and left Lady Edith at the alter. It was one of those, "I love you too much to allow you to be burdened by me." I just don't get it. Besides, in that day and age, I would think that a May-December romance would not be such a big deal. In this case, it was more like a May-September thing anyway.

The only thing that I could think of is that Edith is the middle child, and she seems to have had more than her share of "middle child" grief from her parents. That's the only internally consistent way that they can get away with their arbitrariness, but it was really pushing it for me. Not that I have an opinion or anything. ;)  Luckily, that story line ran itself out a couple of  episodes ago.

A little mugging for the camera.

Now, I'm just enjoying the ride, but I don't get to enjoy it for much longer. This Sunday is the season finale. Luckily, my VCR has been working very well. If you want to catch up, you can still watch most of the episodes on the Masterpiece Classic website, through at least March 3, 2013.

And  yes, they've already green lit season 4. :)


*sqinches eyes* Don't read the words just skim to the comments...I have to wait for the release of the season to Amazon Prime: spoilers are getting really hard to avoid. I'll be back to comment!

Joy: The season finale is this Sunday, so hopefully you won't have to wait much longer. :)

We haven't tried this program, although Pam enjoys a good period piece. I guess I do too.

Travis: I didn't catch the fire, so to speak, until last year. It's not perfect. What period piece is, but they have developed some wonderfully complicated characters.

I am missing them already!
come on season 4

Dianne: I'm having a hard time putting the video tapes away, but I think that I'm going to have to cut myself off before I wear them out! lol

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