Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Daylight Savings Time

Simon's Cat has got to be about my favorite, and this is my favorite among the favorites.

I do this with my alarm clock, ignoring it hoping it will go away. (Especially apt this first Daylight Savings Time morning of the year.) Actually, in real life, my last cat used to do this to me on Saturday mornings with less meowing ... and minus the bat. ;) But she was even trickier.

She'd get me up thinking that her bowl was empty. Then, she'd disappear, bowl full. It was like she was saying, "If I've got to be up, so do you. Get up!" Who'd think that such a cute girl would do such a thing. ;)
Happy Daylight Savings time!


I think those in charge of changing time should have to deal with everyone's pets and children until both have adjusted to the change. As in personal door-to-door service. grumble mumble snarl growl

Joy: I saw this great article yesterday that indicated that Daylight Savings Time actually causes us to use more energy. I always knew it was a conspiracy. ;)

Mr Tucker used to fuss and fidget about 45 minutes before the alarm went off. Then when he had succeeded in pulling me out of a sound sleep, he'd curl up on my chest and go to sleep.

Of course, by that time I realized that I needed the rest room.

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