Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's Easter! To tell you the truth, it's even hard for me to accept that it's not all about chocolate and bunnies. It is about the rescue from death and the renewal of a new day, a resurrection if you will. That meshes perfectly with the rebirth of spring. So, I'm good with that, and hey, if chocolate makes you happy, then go for it.

But this is what Easter's really all about ...

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen ... Christ is risen indeed!


Ah, yes; the Bunny Debate. We explain it this way...

Easter is a special part of being Christian because it showed us how much Jesus loves us. Easter Bunny is showing his happy about this and helps spread the joy cuz when you're little it's hard to understand all God wants from us.

You know how God likes us to be nice? And how we do things for others just to make them feel good? Easter Bunny hides eggs for you to find. Know how happy you are when you open one? Finding God and opening your heart to him is even better. The chocolate is just a bonus. :D

Joy: I like that explanation. I grew up in a household where Christmas & Easter was exclusively about Santa and the Easter Bunny. Sometimes church was involved (rarely) but only if it was convenient, and the religious connection was never really made. Subconsciously, my brain still thinks of it that way, despite everything. But, it was really nice to wake up on Easter morning with the song, "He Lives" running through my head. Gives me hope. :)

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