Friday, November 15, 2013

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Five on Friday - Run 200

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing-wax --
Of cabbages and kings."
("The Walrus and the Carpenter", Lewis Carroll)

It's a sad day.  It is the final installment of Trav's Five on Friday. I haven't participated in a while by posting an entry, but I have enjoyed the music that Travis has shared for 200 installments. On this final week, I felt moved to share a set that also has a connection to Dancing with the Stars, relating to another feature at Travis' that's drawing to a close.

This set represents some of my favorite Ballroom & Latin dance songs. When I hear these, I want to get up and dance.  And yes, there are six. I couldn't resist.

Have a great weekend!


Great set and some of us regulars will still continue the tradition on Fridays so please don't be a stranter.

Oh yeah...those are dancing tunes! Thanks for joining in as I bring my music posts to a close.

Jamie: I'll be sure to pop in from time to time. :)

Travis: Let's just say, I was inspired. Great run, dude!

Great set, Cherie! I'm glad you posted on this wrap-up week. I've definitely discovered wonderful music through your sets! Devil With a Blue Dress -- yeah, baby.

great set,I plan to contine the traditions of the 5 On Friday,I will also start putting up the linkthingy on my blog.So if you are up to it come play along. :-h

WooHoo! Zactly what I needed to power through late last night. You're such a blessing! Mmmmwaaah *hug*

Julia: It was great fun!

Mike: That's good news!

Joy: Happy to be of service. :)

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