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The "V" Word

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Question, does love smell suspiciously like roses, or is it candy? Does it smell like special cologne that you wear for someone special? Or could it smell like toothpaste?

I’ve been amused by the talk of Valentine’s Day in the same way that many people talk about the commercialism of Christmas or even Mother’s Day, for that matter. It’s just a made up holiday to get people to buy things.

Even if that’s true, can’t we adapt it to be more meaningful? Yes, it would be nice if all the people who love each other were able to express it in word and deed on a frequent basis throughout the year. But the weight of every day life can get in the way. There are bills to pay, laundry to do, lawns to mow, etc. Once a year, at Valentine’s Day, we get a chance to step out of our normal routine and reconnect with the ones we love.

I’ll always remember the Valentine’s Day when I was in the sixth grade. I got a Valentine from my first real crush, Kenny Youngblood. This was elementary school, so they still had the rule that if you brought a Valentine for one person, you had to give them to the whole class. But Kenny was a real rebel and only brought one for me and one other girl. My rebel was also an artist who made his Valentine cards. No wimpy lace doilies and construction paper for him. These were made out of cardboard and had a masculine air. ;)

No commercialism there, just real feelings expressed. Without Valentine’s Day, I might never have known. I’ll be eternally grateful.


I've noticed that people sometimes cry commercialism simply because of their own mood about something.

Our society is built upon exchanging currency for goods. Sometimes we have legitimate reasons for doing that, and sometimes we make up reasons to do it.

I like your way of looking at it.

The vast majority of people ignore those questions and just give the person they love some kind of Valentine.

a guy who makes his own cards - now he could have been a keeper ;)

So what you're saying is I could have just given Lisa some cardboard yesterday!


That's so sweet. No one ever did that for me in elementary.

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