Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - 3 comments

The Windmills in my Mind

I admit it. I've been rather remiss in updating. And I have no excuse for my behavior. I've not been out of town. I've not been working on world peace. I guess that I've been too busy swinging on stars and contemplating the windmills of my mind. (Have you ever heard the Sting cover of that song? It is at once captivating, memorizing, and soothing like taking a warm bubble bath in a darkened room full of candles next to a crackling fire.)

Wait! Where was I? Ah yes, back to reality. I suppose it's time to jump back into the world as much as I would like to resist. ;)


But you had such good news that it was ok to bask in it for a bit.

If resisting works for now do it ;)

Of course I miss you when you're not around but you always return

Well, from Windmills of your Mind my mind went to Playground in My Mind by Clint Holmes.

Now that's going to be in my head for days.

My name is Michael, I've got a nickle, I've got a nickle shiny and new...


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