Monday, November 28, 2011

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Happy Birthday Claire

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook as I may have mentioned in a post earlier this month. One of the things I love is getting glimpses into the lives of the people I care about who live far-far away. Some of these are the Koreans that I lived and studied with at seminary.

Recently, some friends posted pictures of their child's first birthday party. In Korea, the first year party or Dol is a big deal. It is an elaborate party with traditional dress and special rituals.
The thing that captured my attention, in addition to those happy people is the incredibly carved watermelon on the bottom left of the photo. This is no crudely cut  fruit basket but a finely carved flower.

What I learned is that this is an Asian art form incredible to behold.
So, Happy Birthday, Claire! May your life be filled with bounty and joy, but most of all, love.
(And welcome to Sammy Oh, born on November 24th, Thanksgiving day to parents Mikang Kim and Paul DongHwan Oh!)


What a gorgeous little girl! I love traditions, even if I don't put much faith in ritual. Such a special bonding time that ties generations together. And wow, that art!

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. I always love getting a glimpse into other cultures--what a wonderful celebration. :)

Dorothy: Yes, the bonding traditions are so important. :)

Lisa: Isn't it! :)

she is a beautiful little girl
Happy Birthday

the carved fruit is amazing!

Dianne: It is their first child, and I remember last year. Claire didn't want anything to do with Dad. Looks like they've worked things out. :)

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