Sunday, November 20, 2011

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A New Idea in Flower Arranging ...

Want to hear a wild and crazy idea for flower arranging? Forget the flowers. lol

One of the most delightful things that has happened to me since arriving in Idaho ... and there have been many ... occurred just as we were getting ready for our first hard frost for the season. I was meeting with some families in the church, a sort of meeting & greet kind of thing, and one family offered me some of their Italian Parsley to take home.

I've got to tell you that Italian Parsley is one of my favorite herbs. I will make due with the curly variety if I must, but Italian makes my heart sing.

So, right after the meeting, the Essingers take me to their house. Mr. Essinger grabs a shovel and digs out a whole plant to take home with me! And boy, they had a bumper crop. This thing is HUGE!

I really don't have the capacity to cultivate the plant, so I cut off the roots and stuck it in a vase.

I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked, so bright and green.  And I got to have fresh parsley for weeks!


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