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Two Things That Don't Go Together

Current events in Syria and anticipated theme park rides. But there it was on my screen.

I was reading a story in the LA times about the increased pressure the Arab world and specifically the Turkish government was putting on Syria. Then, there it was. I could hardly believe my eyes. There was an ad about the Top Thirteen Theme Park Rides for 2013.

Really? I guess everyone needs a little escapism to get a rest from the violence and mayhem. Though I guess their oxymoronic plan worked, I did click on it. I suppose, there's no accounting for taste. ;)

Earthquest Adventures, Houston, Texas
Now, I've added insult to injury by bringing the Cookie Monster and Sesame Street into it. My apologies to them both.

For the record, I couldn't be more pleased about how the Arab League has taken the lead in the diplomatic measures with Syria. (Though, naturally, they took a 1/2 a step back since the news article was written.) Sooner would have been better, of course, but you can say that regarding just about anything. A step in the right direction, at least. That is if democracy in the Middle East is "right."


I've never believed that forcing democracy on the Middle East would work because most of the countries will not separate their religion from their governments. We in the West often don't understand that, because the separation of Church and State and the freedom to worship or not as we choose are specially protected ideals for us.

So I think it's a better option for Western countries to provide support, but not ideas and certainly not a road map. Even our Western democracies aren't always the same, although they are mostly based on similar principals.

I think freedom works better when people choose it for themselves, and work for it themselves.

Travis: "I think freedom works better when people choose it for themselves, and work for it themselves."

Agreed. That's why the Arab League's recent actions give me hope.

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