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Five on Friday - Taking It to the Street

My friend Travis over at Trav's Thoughts does this fun meme with Five Songs on Friday. It's fun and easy to play. Head over there and see what it's all about.

This week I decided to do a form of Musical Progression where one song led me to the next.  It all started when I heard "Takin It to the Street" by the Doobie Brothers. I hadn't heard that song in years.

That song made me think of a beautiful duet with Michael McDonald (from the Doobie Brothers) and Patti LaBelle, "On My Own."  As I was thinking about Michael McDonald, I was reminded of him singing in the movie Running Scared with Greggory Hines and Billy Crystal. (Billy Crystal trying to be a tough Chicago cop. lol Actually, I thought he was pretty good.)
And funny men trying to be tough police officers naturally led me to Beverly Hills Cop and Eddie Murphy. I will always remember the first time that I saw this film in the theater. My dad and I were visiting my aunt in Phoenix, and we decided to go to a movie. My aunt had heard great things about this new movie Beverly Hills Cop.

The theater was PACKED, and we wound up sitting in the front row. You have to understand that my father was NOT a front row kind of guy. He liked to sit towards the back and on the aisle.

Now, I don't know if it was because the whole thing was larger than life being in the front row and all, but I had never laughed so hard in all my life when Eddie Murphy was swinging around in the back of the semi-trailer during the opening chase scene ... to the "Neutron Dance" by the Pointer Sisters.

That got me to thinking about family groups, and the next thing I knew I was playing music by the Bee Gees. Enough talk. It's time for some music! :)

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Then, I have no idea why. I started thinking of the Beatles, but doesn't really have any Beatle music, so I went over to Youtube.  The first one that crossed my mind was "A Hard Day's Night."

Hope you have enjoyed my musical progression on this episode of Five on Friday. Have a great weekend!


Ooh good ones. How Deep Is Your Love is the favorite as is Bee Gees anything and Neutron Dance simply because I loved the Pointer Sisters when they were just starting with 40s era songs and outfits.

what a great set.i enjoyed listening to it.thanks for sharing all these great tunes.Especially A Hard Day's night.

It's funny 3 of those songs come from my 13-16 years like you were talking about in your post. :)

That's such a great song. I listened to it over and over while I was putting this together.

I love how these songs progressed and found myself laughing at the memory of seeing "Beverly Hills Cop" also. That movie was so much fun and had some pretty good music in it, also. I can definitely sympathize with your Dad, though, I'm not a "front row seat" kinda gal either though there have been times when I've been relegated there because of the crowds!

I don't know what to say is my favorite here being that you've got the Dobie Brothers, the BeeGees, AND the Beatles! It's just way too hard to chose so I'll take 'em all!

Oh, and I forgot to say that "On My Own" has always been one of my favorites, too. It takes me right back to the 1984 when I lived in Stockton, California and had gotten my heart broken yet again by a guy who didn't feel the same way that I did. Story of my life I think! :-)

It certainly a fun trip down memory lane.

I hadn't heard On My Own in awhile, so I enjoyed that, and I loved your entire set - so I can't pick a favorite tune this week.

I say it never really matters how one gets to The Beatles, as long as one gets there eventually. And I also must say that Running Scared is one of my favorite movies.

Even though they were all great in their own right. There was just something magical about all of them together in the Beatles. :)

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