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OMG! Do I Have a Social Life?

Despite taking great pains to decorate my space and jealously pouring over Williams-Sonoma catalogs for the past 30 years (Yes, I started young. lol) I haven't had that many opportunities to entertain.

I'm not quite sure about all the reasons, but here in Idaho, I'm finally getting my chance. For one thing, so many people at the church that I'm working at were very kind to me. This especially applies to the people that helped me move my stuff into my apartment.

And I'm actually receiving invitations. This is something that's basically unheard of in my life. Naturally, one needs to reciprocate, right? I think that part of this has to do with my job at the church.

Even though I'm not ordained clergy, the people there are basically treating me as the associate pastor. There's some justification for this, in as much as my duties are pretty close to those of an associate pastor. I actually had to ask one nice lady to stop introducing me to people as "our new pastor." (Trust me. I did it very diplomatically.) And besides which, they seem to really like me.

In any case, now that I'm finally fully unpacked, and my apartment no longer looks like a disaster area, I could start repaying all the kindness shown to me. My first guests had to be Tom & Maureen Holmes. They are the lovely couple that allowed me to stay with them my first three weeks in Idaho. (They're the ones with the deer living in their yard.)

Better guests could not be imagined. Wine was drunk. Easy conversation was made. The food turned out good. I finished off the rest of my Italian Parsley. I even provided a bit of a show when I turned on the wrong burner on the stove, and it had a burner cover on it!

I couldn't figure out why I was seeing, what I thought was, steam, but my sauce wasn't simmering. When the burner cover started turning black, and the smoke started having a certain scent, I began to suspect the truth. Luckily, it was all resolved before the stoke detector went off. lol

Finished off with some fresh strawberries and a cup of tea. (Did I mention that Maureen is English?) They properly ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over my apartment. It was a wonderful evening.

Whom shall I invite next? :)


Me! :D

I'll settle for cyber noms and chatting...

Joy: You'll always be welcome at my house! :)

We're not big on entertaining at our place, mostly because it's very small. But when we do it, we always feel comfortably grown up.

Travis: I've always wanted to feel grown up, but I don't think that I ever have. lol

Glad to hear your expanding your social circles! Did you know that makes you live longer? :)

Lisa: Really? Well, it would seem to make one want to live longer too. :)

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