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How HGTV Changed My Life

Call me crazy, but I've never been a cable tv kinda girl. Now, don't get me wrong. I like my fair share of video based entertainment. As a child and teenager, I got my full dose of 8-10 hours of tv watching per day. But I ran into a problem when cable started offering 60-200 channels.

Interestingly enough, I noticed this problem when I started paying the bills. The price of cable went up, up, up, and I was finding less and less that I wanted to watch on tv. The more channels there were, the less that I could find that interested me. Oh irony, my old friend.

So gosh, it's gotta be at least 20 years since I've had cable. (Not counting about a one year where I had Basic cable, with a capital B, so that I could watch Star Trek show on a broadcast channel that I couldn't pull in.)

It was no big deal when I went to grad school and didn't have a tv. I had my DVDs and the internet, and that was enough. Don't make me give up tv AND the internet. I might have to read a book! lol (Joking -- I love books, and stay up way too late every night reading them.)

But over the summer, I had a problem. It wasn't really a problem, but I was staying with a number of different people as I transitioned from school back to a "normal" life. All of these people had cable. It's not like I don't watch it on principal. It's more like the leftover Halloween candy that I have in my refrigerator. If it's there, I'll eat it. If I have access to cable, I'll watch it.

Now, I know what you're thinking. And no, I have not changed my opinion about cable because I basically only watched one channel, HGTV. I admit it. I've become an HGTV fanatic though I have to say that they really do run too many episodes of "House Hunters". I love to watch most of the decorator shows, but my favorites are Candice and Sarah. And the best part is that can see many of their shows on the HGTV website.

The cool thing is that now that I'm in my new apartment, I can put some of those lessons to use. I now know that my grandmother's china cabinet  and table are "mid-century modern" sleak and not just the chairs that I perpetually kicked because the dining room chairs angled out. (Somehow, those chairs didn't make the move, not quite sure why. lol)

Nevertheless, I give you my mid-century modern living room. What do you think?

 Okay, so maybe the hand towel arm covers aren't quite right, but at least they're in the same color scheme, yes? I promise. I 'll take them off before company comes over.


I think HGTV served you well. It looks very pretty. I can't imagine not having cable. I think my kids would lose their minds. LOL What would we do without Disney and Nick???

I completely understand the arm covers. I haven't' had a kid in diapers for 5 years but still keep baby wipes in the family room cuz we're pigs. Brilliant to use something washable!

Sandie: Thanks! As for cable, maybe if Disney & Nick considered having the original Looney Tunes and They Can't Do That on Television, I'd consider it. ;)

Joy: Yeah, wash-ability was a major consideration! lol :)

You did a great job decorating, Cherie! Looks elegant AND comfortable. Cable has been worth the price. :)

We didn't have cable for years because of the very same thing you complained of--200 channels and still nothing on! But when everything went to digital TV, we had to make the switch because it was either that or no channels at all. Rabbit ears didn't cut it any more. So now I watch it. Sometimes. I do like my CNN fix (Anderson Cooper's Giggle-fest was worth a whole month's premium) and can usually find something interesting on the History channels or Discovery or Science. But thank goodness I still have PBS. And Star Trek. :)

Lisa: Would you believe that one of the antenna on my rabbit ears broke as I was setting it up? But I still pulled 14 local channels! If I had both of them working, I might even be able to pull in ABC & PBS. lol Luckily, I found my dad's old Deep Space 9 DVDs while I was unpacking. :D

Thank goodness for Star Trek DVDs! How about I send your our old Rabbit Ears in case you decide cable is not worth the price? LOL!

Nice! My favorites on HGTV are Candice and also David Bromstead.

I find that a lot of the best shows are on USA Network...Covert Affairs, White Collar, Burn Notice.

Travis: Yeah, David's fun. And yes, I got quite addicted to those three shows while I was staying with my mother. Luckily, they've been off for the past couple of months, so I can resist them now that they're back. :)

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