Thursday, November 3, 2011

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Ode to Halloween Candy

My first Halloween in my new apartment, I made sure to get lots of candy for possible Trick-or-Treaters. But I didn't get any customers, not one. :( This one's for you Halloween Candy.

Oh Halloween Candy, you look so lovely
Sitting there in your bowl.
No one would believe
You were left out in the cold.

Relegated to the refrigerator
Night after night
The idea the kids would not want you
Would give anyone a fright.

You were created,
Your only purpose is to be
Causing delight in children
Running around costumed and free.

But you need not worry
Though you were not allowed to roam.
With me as your keeper
You'll never be alone.


not one!!
we didn't get many but it was bad weather here
I love your poem
hugs to your candy sister

Sandie: I'm not ready a "poetry person," but sometimes you're just inspired. :)

Dianne: No, not one. Though I did to get to spend a few hours with costumed kids the Saturday before for an event that we had at church. Adorable!

Loved the poem! But no trick-or-treaters in an apartment complex? How could that be? We've only had about 5 in 20 years but we're on top of a mountain and usually have a foot of snow.

Lisa: I got few to none at the last complex I lived in. I'd like to say that it's a commentary that the kids don't want to climb the stairs, but they don't even go to the ones on the first floor. *shrugs*

Great poem! I see Butterfingers in that bowl. The only time I get Butterfingers is during Halloween.

Travis: Thanks! And I only get Butterfingers @ Halloween too. :)

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